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Dental Data: Clinical Data

data to inform precision dentistry & oral health research

Clinical Dental Data

Clinical dental data is collected from electronic dental/health records (EDR/EHR), paper-based records and insurance claims data.  Aggregating data from different sources (financial and clinical) provides a comprehensive overview and allows oral health practitioners to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of  treatments and methods to improve the quality of care.  The quality and value of clinical dental data is impacted by a lack of widespread reporting of clinical diagnoses and interoperability between EDR/EHR systems. The American Dental Association (ADA) has been working on these issues over the past several decades. To learn more about efforts to develop interoperability amongst EDR/EHR and latest development more information can be found on the ADA's website.



Insurance Claims Data

Electronic Dental Records (EDR)

National Dental Practice Based Network (NDPBN)

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