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Dental Data: Data Sharing & Publishing

data to inform precision dentistry & oral health research

Tips to Select a Repository

Tips for selecting a repository

 Data in a repository should be:

  • Persistent (not likely to be modified)
    • Does the repository offer a DOI for persistent access?
  • Searchable and browsable 
  • Retrieved or downloaded easily
    • What levels of curation are available? (digital preservation methods, reusability formats)
  • Are there analytics available so you can track downloads, etc.?
  • Cited
    • Does the repository allow submitter to apply a creative commons license to the data?

There are a wide variety of institution-based and discipline-specific repositories

Repository selection should include:

  • Appropriate for the type of data you generate
  • Appropriate for the audience of the repository
  • Open  access
  • To maximize data discovery  when  possible deposit in both a discipline-specific and institutional repositories
  • Check funding model of repository to assess feasibility of extended existence
  • Is use of a specific repository required? (grant-funded)

Publishing a Data Set

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