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Digital Humanities Tools at UF

A guide for digital humanities tools at the University of Florida. Created by Tiffany C. Esteban.


This guide is created and maintained by Tiffany C. Esteban, the digital humanities specialist at UF's Humanities and Social Sciences Library West. It is based on Laurie Taylor's 2016 guide to "Digital Humanities at UF".

Here I provide lists of commonly used and more specialized digital humanities tools for UF students, instructors, and researchers. I chose these tools based on my digital humanities consultations, where clients have asked me about choosing a digital humanities research topic, creating a digital project to achieve certain goals, or troubleshooting technical problems. I reach for these resources whenever I need to prepare for a consultation, work on my own projects, or reflect on my digital humanities practice. In other words, this guide is my professional toolbox. By sharing it here, I hope it might be of some use to you as well.

It is not exhaustive, however, as digital humanities is practiced around the world in a vast array of cultures and technologies. My education is in British literature, classical Japanese literature, and library and information science. That means most of my professional experience in digital humanities is limited to an English language context, with the exception of some work in a Japanese language context. You will see that experience reflected here in my choice of tools and other resources. Furthermore, this guide is not intended as a prescriptive resource for digital humanities project research, creation, development, or management. Please defer to your discernment about what you need and want to accomplish in your work.

If you have any questions about this guide, please contact me by email at

For more on my work and the UF digital humanities community, please visit my digital humanities consultation page.

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