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Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS)

The HathiTrust ETAS allows users at participating institutions to access digital copies of print resources held at their institution or consortia. University of Florida users have access to HathiTrust holdings from any State University System of Florida institution.
Regardless of whether users are on campus or using the VPN, users must authenticate on the HathiTrust site via Gatorlink to access ETAS content.


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-How do I find titles available via ETAS?
-How do I access ETAS titles?
-How to Check Out an ETAS title
-Understanding print journal/serials holdings in the Catalog vs. HathiTrust

How do I find titles available via ETAS?

Search the UF Catalog or the state-wide Union Catalog as you normally would. Titles available digitally via ETAS will display the following link:

image of HathiTrust ETAS link, text reads "Read this E-Book (Temporary Access)"

If you aren't seeing this link, you may need to clear your browser cache and cookies. Pressing the F5 key usually solves this problem.
You may also search directly in the HathiTrust Digital Library, but you will need to log in with your Gatorlink before HathiTrust will indicate whether titles are accessible to you.
Here are some examples of what records in the catalog will look like:
UF Catalog:

image of UF Catalog result with callouts pointing to HathiTrust Link and availability status.

Union Catalog:

Here is an example of what record in OneSearch (Ebsco Discovery Service) will look like:

Where's the HathiTrust Link?

How do I access titles available via ETAS?

All users must login to the HathiTrust site with their GatorLink to access HathiTrust ETAS titles. In some cases you are prompted to login, and in some case you must proactively login to gain access. Here are some scenarios:
Starting from the UF Catalog:
ETAS links in the UF Catalog should automatically prompt users to login with their GatorLink credentials. Once users are signed in they will be automatically redirected to the title.

image of the HathiTrust Gatorlink login page


Starting from the Union Catalog:
ETAS links in the Union Catalog will result in a page that states, "This item is not available online..." This statement is inaccurate. Users must click the yellow Log In button on the top right of the screen, select UF as the partner institution, and login to access the content.

image of HathiTrust site from Union Catalog Link

Starting from HathiTrust Digital Library:
Users should login first when starting from the HathiTrust Digital Library site. The system will not be able to determine which titles are fully accessible for the user until the user logs in Image of HathiTrust select institution partner screen

Checking Out an ETAS Title

After you've logged in you will be prompted to Check Out the title.

Image of HathiTrust Check Out Screen

You can check out a book for 1 hour. Your access will renew automatically at the end of that hour, unless another user requests the book after that hour is over. 

Image of HathiTrust check out message

Print Journals/Serials holdings in the catalog vs. HathiTrust

Some journals or other serials in the UF and Union catalogs may appear as though they are available via HathiTrust ETAS; however, not all volumes listed in the UF and Union catalogs for a journal/serial may actually be available via HathiTrust ETAS.
These catalog record also do not have an HathiTrust link. The best solution is to search for the electronic (e-journal) version of the title in the catalog of e-journal search on the main Smathers Libraries homepage for traditional e-journal access (on a publishers site or within a database). You may also search within HathiTrust to ascertain available holdings if e-journal access is not otherwise available.
Here is an example from the UF Catalog:

image of journal result in UF catalog, missing hathi link, but holdings indicate available via HathiTrust

Here is what the detailed holdings for the above example look like:

Image of detailed volume holdings for serial in uf catalog, item status indicates volumes cannot be checked out

Here is an example of the holdings from HathiTrust for the same title in the examples above. As you can see, not all volumes are available via HathiTrust.

image of HathiTrust holdings for journal, holdings available via Hathi do not match catalog holdings


Here are the results from the e-journal search on the Libraries's home page for the same titles as above. Often, licensed access via a publishers site or database will include more volumes than the HathiTrust access.

image of journal search result showing electronic access options

Frequently Ask Questions

Q - What titles are available via ETAS?

A - Titles held in print by UF or any other State University System of Florida institution that are also held digitally in HathiTrust.

Q - Why can't I download ETAS titles?

A - HathiTrust titles that are out of copyright can be downloaded. ETAS titles still have copyright restrictions and are only available for online viewing.

Q - How many people can access an ETAS title at once?

A - Simultaneous-user access is based on the number of print copies held within the State University System of Florida. For example, if UF owns 2 copies and FSU owns 1 copy, then 3 users across the State University System may simultaneously access the titles. For this reason HathiTrust ETAS titles are not appropriate for course reserves use.

Q - How long can I check out an ETAS title?

A - Items available through the Emergency Temporary Access Service can be checked out for 1 hour. If you are still actively looking at the book and no one else is attempting to check it out, the book will be renewed automatically.

Q - I keep getting the message that “All available copies are in use.” Why can’t I access the book?

A - Because digital access is provided on a 1-to-1 basis with print copies held within the State University System, simultaneous-user access is somewhat limited. Keep checking back (reloading the page) to see if the title has become available.


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