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HathiTrust FAQs

What is HathiTrust? What’s HathiTrust ETAS? 

HathiTrust is a repository for digitized books. In normal times, UF has access to books in HathiTrust that are out of copyright and can be reproduced and shared online, as well as some in-copyright works. To be out of copyright and in the public domain, a book usually needs to have been published before a certain year.  

The Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) is a special HathiTrust access program that was a result of many libraries being closed to patrons during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the University of Florida is a HathiTrust member, we were able to participate in this program. The program allows UF users to access digitized books that are out of copyright and many of the books in our catalog. With the ETAS program, students and faculty can check out most of our hard copy books in digitized form, allowing people to read books from our library without ever stepping foot in the building. 

Why are we participating in this program? 

Classes during the Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 semesters were almost entirely remote. In the Spring 2020 semester, the library was closed to the public. HathiTrust ETAS provided a way to access books from our libraries without visiting the libraries in person.  

In Spring 2021, UF still has a number of remote learners, so the decision was made to continue the program until at least May 2021. We’re also seeing high usage numbers, which is a great sign that folks are taking advantage of the program. 

How do I access HathiTrust books? 

There are two ways to access HathiTrust books. One way is to go through our catalog. If you search for a book in our catalog and it is available in HathiTrust, you'll see a HathiTrust icon that links you to the digitized copy. (Note: You will not see the HathiTrust link in OneSearch and will need to use the catalog.) That will take you directly to the HathiTrust page.  Then, you will need to sign in in the upper right hand corner with your GatorLink login in order to gain access. 

If, for whatever reason, the link in the catalog isn't working, please report it to a librarian so that they can in turn report it to the Electronic Resources Department.  

There's also another way you can get to the book. From this page, go directly to the HathiTrust database. You can also get there from the A-Z Database List , which can be accessed from the library home page.  

When you get to HathiTrust, log in with your GatorLink using the login button in the upper right corner. Remember that you will need to complete two-factor authentication. Then, you can use the search box to look for the book. One thing to remember is that when you are searching directly on the HathiTrust site, you should click the "Catalog" radio dial under the search box. This will mean that your search will encompass the University of Florida catalog – hard copy books that we have emergency digital access to.  

The searching in HathiTrust can be a little finicky. Sometimes it helps to search by ISSN or ISBN. You can copy that number from the catalog record, paste it into the search box, and change the drop down menu to "ISSN/ISBN." Alternately, you can search by title or keyword. 

Why can’t I check out the hard copy of HathiTrust ETAS books in person?  

Copyright restrictions made it impossible to use the Hathitrust digital copy as well as the physical copy. For convenience we are using the digital copy of books instead of the physical copy. This means that you will not be able to check out a book in person at the library if it is available in HathiTrust. If you try to check it out, the system will recognize it as a HathiTrust book and will prevent the transaction. This is a part of our agreement with HathiTrust - the digital copy is treated as a replacement for our current copy. If we have one copy of the book in our stacks, then we will have one copy of the book on HathiTrust, and we are not allowed to use our hard copy as an “additional” copy. 

If you’re on campus, you are welcome to go to the library and use the book in person, but you won’t be able to check it out and take it home. 

What titles are available via HathiTrust ETAS? 

Through HathiTrust ETAS, we are able to access many titles from the University of Florida library catalog. However, not ALL titles are available online. If the title is available online through HathiTrust, you will see a HathiTrust link in the catalog and its status will say “Online only, see HathiTrust.” If the title is NOT available in HathiTrust, the hard copy will be available for regular checkout. 

Why can't I download ETAS titles? 

ETAS titles that still have copyright restrictions are only available for online viewing. If you find a HathiTrust title that is out of copyright and not a part of the ETAS, you will have the option to download the book. HathiTrust titles that are out of copyright can be downloaded. 

How many people can access an ETAS title at once? 

It depends on how many copies the library either owns or has access to. Just like a physical book, only one copy can be used at a time.   

FYI: We have access to copies in other university libraries in our system. For example, if UF owns 2 copies and FSU owns 1 copy, then there are a total of 3 copies available for both UF and FSU. 

If you attempt to access a book and see the message, “All available copies are in use,” that means that someone else is using it. You’ll need to check back later to see if the title has become available. 

How long can I check out an ETAS title? 

Titles can be checked out for 1 hour. If you are still actively looking at the book and no one else is attempting to check it out, the book will be renewed automatically. 

What do I do if a link is broken? What if the book says it is in HathiTrust but isn’t? 

If you run into any problems with HathiTrust links or access, notify a librarian. You can contact a librarian via chat, email, or phone. They can help you get access, and if they don’t know the answer, they can reach out to the E-Resources Department for assistance. 

What's the deal with journals and multi-volume books? Why does HathiTrust say it has all of the volumes when it doesn’t?  

This is an unfortunate result of the way these books are cataloged. For example, there's a book called The Letters of Alfred Lord Tennyson that has three volumes. Volumes 2 and 3 are available in HathiTrust, and Volume 1 is not. But in our catalog, all three volumes are on the same record. Because they share a record, HathiTrust is not able to distinguish between the volumes and simply labels them all as available in HathiTrust even though that is not accurate. This applies to both multi-volume books and journals. This is a known problem and unfortunately is not something we are able to fix at this time. In that scenario, if we do not already have an electronic copy of the journal or book through a resource other than HathiTrust, you can submit a request to ILL and they will find a copy of the material for you. 

For more detailed information about this issue, see the other HathiTrust tab on this LibGuide.

Why can’t I access this book?  

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to troubleshoot why a book is inaccessible.  

  • Am I connected to the VPN?  

  • Am I logged into HathiTrust with my Gatorlink?  Have I completed two-factor authentication? 

  • Is someone else currently using the book?  

  • Is the link from the catalog broken? If I search in HathiTrust for the title, can I find the item that way? 

  • Is the item I can’t access a volume in a series or an issue of a journal? (If so, see this page for more information about how multi-volume sets are handled by HathiTrust in our catalog.)

Do you have more questions? Contact a librarian through chat, phone, or email with additional HathiTrust questions. 

Want a more in-depth look at specific aspects of HathiTrust, including helpful screenshots? Find more information here. 

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