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GIS Day Map Project: Home

Creating Maps Using GIS for GIS Day

The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to create a map with geographic information systems (GIS) using an online mapping tool.

You and your partner will be creating a map to possibly be displayed on GIS Day @ the University of Florida.  Which maps are displayed will be decided upon by your fellow students and your teacher.  Those maps will then be voted on by attendees at GIS Day and the two teams that create the top two maps will receive a prize!

Getting Started

1) Begin to develop your idea.

  • Brainstorm topics with your partner. (Think of at least 3 ideas!)
  • Search to see what data can be found on your potential topics.
  • Modify your idea based on what data is available.

2) Think about your idea in relation to...

  • Audience - Who is this map for?
  • Value - Why is your map important? Valuable? Interesting?
  • Relationships - What do you expect your map to tell you about spatial relationships?

3) Create your map.

  • Open up ArcGIS Explorer Online. (see log in information--->)
  • Select an appropriate basemap.
  • Include title (in the appropriate format) and summary.
  • Add data layers to your map.
  • Zoom into your location of interest.
  • Adjust map elements - transparency, add labels or legends, etc.

See additional tabs at the top of the screen for additional help!

Log In Information

1) Go to

2) Click on "Sign In" in the top right hand corner of your screen.

3) Username: gisdaymap

Password: (I can't tell you that!  Hint: Mascot)

4) Click on "My Content" to view the maps that have been created.

5) Select that map you have been working on to open it.

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