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DRAFT Job Competencies Document

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Committee Charge

Library Objectives:

To establish a classification of specific job competencies for library assistant and library associate positions in the Smathers Libraries based on existing job descriptions.


Well developed competencies form a framework for identifying and cultivating successful employees by applying competencies to the selection, professional development/training and evaluation processes.

Specific charges to the group:

1. Examine the literature available that could provide a basis for assisting the competency development process, including; case studies, competencies from other libraries, best practices from professional organizations, etc.

2. Review the existing library assistant and library associate job descriptions and group them into job “families”.

3. Identify key job actions within each family and group similar or related actions to use as the foundation for each competency.

4. Name and define competencies and articulate levels of accomplishment for each.

5. Solicit input from supervisors in each area in response to initial lists of competencies identified.

6. Solicit feedback from high performing employees from throughout the libraries via focus groups.

Provide a serviceable competencies structure which includes a list of proposed competencies, competency families and accomplishment levels for review by library administration and eventual implementation into the selection, training and evaluation processes of the Smathers Libraries. 


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