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Library Technology Services: LTS New Users Guide

Resources from Library Technology Services, for library employees

Library Technology New Users Guide

Library Technology Services
The Library Technology Services (LTS) Department supports information systems and technology for the George A. Smathers Libraries. The department is a service hub providing an array of services and support, including technical expertise for evaluating external service providers, application development,hardware support, risk management, and collaboration on program and project needs.

  • Hours - 7:30 am-4:30 pm Monday – Friday
  • Main Phone Number - 352-273-2800

Grover Ticketing System

Grover is our in-house Library technology ticketing system. Please submit a ticket if you have any questions concerning the hardware, software, or accessing a library-controlled network location.

Connecting to Email

Data Storage

  • Recommended data storage solutions are:
    • OneDrive (individual work data) - storage limit 5 TB
    • Teams (department, committee, other groups, and shared work data) - Per site, or Team storage limit 25 TB
  • Departmental files: Z drive (mapped automatically)
  • Employees are encouraged to save data to OneDrive as that is backed up rather than saving to your local C: drive
  • How to manually map any additional network drives  (for example: Shared Projects).


  • Department printers are managed by Xerox.
  • If your Xerox printer is having issues, please report it to your department Xerox contact who will submit the request to our authorized vendor, Zeno Office Solutions.
  • To check your default printer in Start button > Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners.
  • If you need to add an additional printer:
    • Go to the Xerox print server (\\tss-srv-print-2, for Borland \\ahc-ps413).
      A list of printers will appear in alphabetical order.
      Find your printer and double-click it.  This will download the driver and install it.

  • For privacy and security, some Xerox printers allow Secure Print; easily configured on your PC.

Office Phone

  • Using your Cisco VOIP phone (log in using your Gatorlink credentials)
  • How to configure Voicemail
  • The Library uses the voicemail to email service.  This service synchronizes your email with your phone. You will see a notification of a message on both your office phone and receive a sound file in your email. If this feature is not active on your account, please submit a Grover ticket, and we will correct the issue.
  • Cisco Jabber is UF’s softphone solution that provides telephone services via a software client on your remote computer or mobile device.  It allows you to make and receive calls from your assigned UF business telephone number and provide access to your voicemail on your computer.  If you are interested in accessing this solution, please submit a request via a Grover ticket.

Remote Access to your office computer

  • From a library staff PC: Start button > type “Remote Desktop” or “mstsc” into the Search box > select Remote Desktop Connection
    • Type your computer name like this:, but use your PC service tag (serial number) in place of the XXXX
  • From offsite:
    • Install and connect to UF VPN
    • Open your personal device’s Remote Desktop Connection application
      • Type your computer name like this:, but use your PC service tag (serial number) in place of the XXXX
      • You may need to authenticate as: UFAD\yourGatorlinkusername

Mobile Devices


General Computer Information

  • Please log off your computer every day. Do not power off Computer patches are released periodically during non-working hours, and your computer must be powered on to receive them.  Please be aware that some patches will reboot your computer, and by just locking your computer and not logging off at the end of the work day, you risk losing data during an unexpected overnight reboot.
  • Monitors will go to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Computers need to be installed on the top of your desk or in a cradle mounted under your desk. Computers should never be placed on the floor. This will shorten the life of the computer as it will ingest more dust into the fans.
  • If you require ergonomic items for your computer, please schedule an ergonomic evaluation through the Facilities & Security Department.
  • LTS can not troubleshoot employees' personal devices.  LTS staff can only assist with Library issues devices.  Please refer all personal hardware questions to UFIT Helpdesk online or by phone at 352-392-HELP
  • It is highly recommended that you keep separate business and personal email accounts. It promotes a better work-life balance, organization, and privacy concerns.
  • UF Information Security Policies
  • Two-Factor Authentication

Pre-Installed Software:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Silverlight 5
  • SQL Native Client
  • Software Center (pre-approved software available for you to install on your computer):
    Shortcut located on your desktop and in the start menu under Microsoft Endpoint Manger:
    • 7-Zip
      Microsoft Teams -
      Machine Wide Installer
      Adobe Acrobat  Reader
      Alma offline client
      Google Chrome
      Apple iTunes
      Bulk Rename Utility
      Tableau Reader 2021
      Classic Sticky Notes
      IrfanView Plugin
      DLC Toolbox
      VLC Media Player
      Draw i.o
      MarcEdit 7
      Zoom Meetings
      Mendeley Reference Manager
      Zoom Outlook Plugin
      Endnote Plugin
      Mozilla Firefox

Additional Software or Hardware Requests

  • Submit a Grover “Request Purchasing (Technology)" request for any other items you need. Before moving through the Library Technology Services process, these requests will go to your supervisor for approval.

UF Online Resources




G Suite:    

UFIT Training:

Research Apps:


UFAT for public computing issues:

University of Florida Home Page

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