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Cataloging procedures and policies


Aleph@UF includes cataloging procedures and policies used by the Cataloging and Discovery Services Department, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida.  Please send corrections and/or suggestions for new procedures to the Catalog Problems mailbox -

Index for A - G

  1. Abbreviations for Captions
  2. Abraham Collection
  3. Adding Rush, CatProblems and Bookplate mailboxes to Outlook 2016
  4. Affiliate Libraries
  5. Antique Map Cataloging
  6. Anti-Semitica Collection
  7. Atlases and Map Reference Materials
  8. Authenticating/Upgrading Serials
  9. Authorities Resources
  10. Baldwin Library - Award Genre Terms
  11. Baldwin Library - Engravers, Illustrators, and Lithographers 1820-1910 A-F
  12. Baldwin Library - Engravers, Illustrators, and Lithographers 1820-1910 G-L
  13. Baldwin Library - Engravers, Illustrators, and Lithographers 1820-1910 M-Z
  14. Baldwin Library - Field Checklist
  15. Baldwin LC Subject Headings 1820-1910 A-H
  16. Baldwin LC Subject Headings 1820-1910 L-T
  17. Baldwin Library - List of Classic Works Which Are Part of Larger Works: 730 & 740
  18. Baldwin Library - Publishers and Printers 1820-1910 A-L
  19. Baldwin Library - Publishers and Printers 1820-1910 M-Z
  20. Baldwin Library - Source of Dates for Undated Materials
  21. Barcode Placement
  22. Batch Downloading OCLC Records
  23. Bennett Collection Additional Entries
  24. Book Jackets
  25. Bookplates / Donations
  26. Books and Serials with Accompanying Maps
  27. Bound With and Published With Volumes
  28. Broken Link Repair
  29. Call Number Classifications used in Smathers Libraries
  30. Captions for Foreign Months
  31. Catalog Problems Mailbox
  32. Cataloging Facsimiles, Photocopies, and Reprints
  33. Cataloging for the Map and Imagery Library: CD-ROMs
  34. Cataloging for the Map and Imagery Library: Maps
  35. Cataloging Print Theses
  36. Cataloging Projects in Lieu of Thesis (PILOT) and Other Terminal Projects
  37. Cataloging Statistics
  38. Cataloging Video Recordings
  39. Captions for Foreign Months
  40. CD and CD-ROM Cataloging Guidelines: Monographs
  41. Checking CatQC Reports
  42. Collection Level Records
  43. Cooper Collection Added Fields
  44. Copy Cataloging Checklist for Music Sound Discs
  45. Copy Cataloging Checklist for Scores
  46. Copy Cataloging of Music Audio Recordings
  47. Create a spreadsheet from Print 03
  48. Create a Spreadsheet from Print-08
  49. Creative Commons CC0 Catalog Records
  50. Do I need a new serial record? Major changes - title changes
  51. ECIP Cataloging at the University of Florida Library
  52. End of Field Punctuation
  53. Exporting records from Aleph using a file of bib system numbers using Print-03
  54. Florida History Cataloging and Processing Guideline
  55. Global Changes – Replace Text (for Holdings Records)

Index for H - Z

  1. Health Science Center Library Cataloging Cheat Sheet
  2. How to Delete an Erroneous eBook or eJournal Icon from MANGO
  3. How to Delete Bibliographic, Item and Holding Records in Aleph
  4. Item Transfers to ALF/FLARE
  5. Item Transfers to UFO
  6. Latin American and Caribbean Collection Guidelines
  7. Licensing and public performance rights language for DVD and streaming videos
  8. LKR Linking
  9. LHR Updating
  10. Lost Item Replacement Procedure for the Cataloging and Discovery Services Department
  11. Macro Express
  12. Maintenance of Serial Records
  13. Major and Minor Title Changes
  14. Manuscript Cataloging Guidelines
  15. MarcEdit Cataloging
  16. Materials in Temporary Locations ("Latest-in")
  17. Metadata for Research Data, Best Practices
  18. Modern Map Processing
  19. Monograph Copy Adds
  20. Moving Items
  21. Newspaper Classification Schedule
  22. Non-print Formats
  23. OCLC Searching Manual
  24. Periodicals/Serials Item Creation
  25. Physical Processing for Serials (Including Periodicals)
  26. Policy on genre/form headings for videorecording
  27. Print Theses Cataloging
  28. Printing Call Number Labels
  29. Projects in Lieu of Thesis (PILOTs) and Other Terminal Projects
  30. Publisher’s and Printer’s Indexes
  31. Rare Books Cataloging Procedures
  32. Rare Books Collection Additional Fields
  33. RDA Local Policies
  34. Reading Series Authority Records
  35. Record Editing
  36. Record Level Comparison Chart
  37. Record Level Comparison Chart for Serials
  38. Reporting PCC Statistics
  39. Rush Cataloging
  40. Searching Digital Printings in OCLC
  41. Serial Frequency Changes To and From Annual
  42. Serial Holdings: Defaults and Basics
  43. Serial or Monograph
  44. Series Searching and Treatment
  45. Shared Bib Guidelines
  46. Simple Frequency Changes for Periodicals
  47. Standard Citation List
  48. Treatment of Videorecordings When a DVD and a BluRay Are Purchased in the Same Container
  49. UFDC Metadata
  50. Using MarcEdit to Convert .mrc File to Tab Delimited File for Excel
  51. Using MarcEdit to Create Excel Spreadsheet From a .Dat File
  52. What to Put on the Conservation Shelf: Education, LACC & AFA
  53. What to Put on the Conservation Shelf: Library West, Marston Science
  54. What to Put on the Conservation Shelf: Rare Material
  55. When a New Monograph Record is Needed
  56. Withdrawals
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