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Aleph@UF: Simple Frequency Changes for Periodicals

Cataloging procedures and policies

Updated January 2019 by Hank Young

Simple Frequency Changes for Periodicals

If a serial changes frequency from annual to more frequently than annual, or from a greater frequency to annual, use the procedure here.

Catalogers should receive notice from the branch or from the Acquisitions and Licensing Dept. Information sent should include the title, Aleph number, and current and former frequency of the title.

All you need to do:

  •    Verify whether the information is correct.
  •    Check OCLC to see whether changes have been made to the frequency on the master record.
  •    If needed, change fixed field values in the OCLC record.
  •    Move the previous frequency to a 321 field, and the current frequency to the 310 field. Multiple 321 fields should be entered in chronological order.
  •    Replace the record on OCLC once the edits are made.
  •    Overlay the Aleph record, or simply make the same changes in Aleph manually.
  •    Notify Acquisitions and any branch staff involved about the changes.
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