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Aleph@UF: Florida History Cataloging and Processing Guideline

Cataloging procedures and policies

Updated in July 2019 by Jorge Gonzalez

Florida History Cataloging and Processing Guidelines

1. Florida History staff should--

Send/deliver monographs to:
Jorge Gonzalez
Contributed Cataloging Unit
Box 117007
Smathers Library, Rm 405

Email serial notifications to:

Hank Young and Todd Chisholm at the the Serials Unit so that one or the other can respond for further instructions. -

For monographs:

  1. Attach a note stating that the items are to be cataloged for Florida History and sign your name. Identify items to be treated as rare books by inserting a slip with Rare Book clearly printed on the slip.
  2. Monographs are searched in Aleph and OCLC by Jorge Gonzalez and distributed for cataloging and processing according to current procedures. 
  3. Serials are cataloged and processed according to current serials cataloging procedures.
  4. Items identified as rare books are processed appropriately as such.  Do not write or tape onto the binding.  Write “FLAH” and the call number in pencil on the inside back cover of each book, upper right corner and put the barcode below the call number.  Stamp "Florida History" under "Rare Book" on one of the rare books slips.  Write the call number below that and insert the slip into the book.  Do not put a spine label on the item. 
  5. Do not tattletape.
  6. For special handling refer to the Cataloging Guidelines for the Florida History Liaison (in Cataloging Jorge A. Gonzalez ph. 2-0379, in Florida History Jim Cusick or Bridget Bihm-Manuel).

Instructions for Processing Materials to be Housed in The P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History

Materials to be cataloged for the P.K. Yonge Library will arrive in cataloging with slips marking them for “Florida history” with instructions.

In general, please observe the following Special Intructions:

Book Jackets: These always remain on the book. Do not remove them or fold and stuff them inside the book.

Call Numbers: Should be written in pencil on the inside back cover of the book. Call number labels for the books should be placed on the lower spine of the book; if the book has a jacket, attach the label to the jacket there; otherwise directly on the spine (as shown). If the spine is too narrow, place the label on the lower left hand corner of the front cover.

Bar Code Label: Place it on the back cover, or back exterior jacket, near the top of the book, without obscuring text; if not possible, place on the inside back cover or inside back jacket of the book.

Donor Information: Most P.K. Yonge books are purchased on one of two funds, the Dr. William and Joan Mendenhall Book Fund in Florida History or the Todd C. Prosser Memorial and Ted C. Prosser, III Book Endowment in Florida History.

Books sent to cataloging will have paper tags identifying the fund that was used to purchase them. These funds must always be acknowledged with a donor virtual book plate attached to the catalog entry for that book by a hyperlink. Items donated from other sources will carry instructions about identifying the donor. They should also get virtual bookplates and hyperlinks that acknowledge the donors.

Other Instructions:

Existing Call Numbers: If an item is part of a series, with an existing P.K. Yonge call number, please continue to use the same call number for any additional or added items; typical examples are—
additions to state documents (F354), additions to various serials (FA), additions to monographic series (e.g., a new volume to Papers of Andrew Jackson, Papers of John C. Calhoun), or existing runs of journals that already have a call number; otherwise, items, whether monographs or series, get Library of Congress call numbers

Items Needing Binding: Should get a floating bar code label and call number label that can be
transferred to the cover or container the item will eventually have when shelved.

Rare Books: Follow instructions with the item. Nothing should be stuck or glued directly onto a book that is designated “rare.”

Oversize and Folio: The designation Oversize or Folio should appear in the Item Record as part of thecall number to assist in locating and pulling the book from the stacks.


Florida History Collection - Prosser Bookplate Information


In bib record:

797 23 $$a    The Todd C. Prosser Memorial and Ted C. Prosser, III Book Endowment in Florida History. $$5 FU

In holdings record:

856 42 $$y    The Todd C. Prosser Memorial and Ted C. Prosser, III Book Endowment in Florida History. $$x gift $$u


Florida History Collection - Mendenhall Bookplate Information


In holdings record:

856 42 $y  The Dr. William and Joan Mendenhall Book Fund in Florida History. $$x gift $$u

In bib record:

797 23 $a     The Dr. William and Joan Mendenhall Book Fund in Florida History.$$5 FU


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