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Aleph@UF: Serial Frequency Changes To and From Annual

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Serial Frequency Changes To and From Annual

Updated April 2019 by Hank Young

Serial Frequency Changes To and From Annual

This policy applies to Library West and other branches in which annuals are shelved in a different location from periodicals. Use it only when a serial was annual and changes to a periodical (more often than annual) frequency or from a periodical frequency to an annual frequency. If a periodical changes, but is still a periodical, use the procedure here.

In general, we wish to keep all volumes of a journal in the same location. This makes it easier for users to find all the volumes, and helps prevent shelving errors. The default policy, therefore, is to transfer all volumes held to the location for the current frequency. (However, in cases of title changes, earlier titles with the same call number will not be moved.)

Staff who become aware of the change should contact the Serials Unit in Acquisitions to tell them the serial title, Aleph number and the frequency of the change. A photocopy of the page(s) in the issue where the change is noted would be helpful. That unit will notify the collection manager responsible for the title about the move. This gives the selector the opportunity to select volumes for storage or withdrawal.  Staff should notify the Serials Unit in Cataloging via the Cataloging Problems Mailbox.

The unit will also notify branch staff at the holding location when shifting volumes and relabeling will be necessary. Labels may be requested from the Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit. When shifting materials from periodical locations to the general stacks, any unbound periodical issues should be sent for binding, and the binding staff informed of the change in status.

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