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Aleph@UF: Materials in Temporary Locations ("Latest-in")

Cataloging procedures and policies

Reviewed by Hank Young June 2019

Materials in Temporary Locations ("Latest edition…")


Directions for Staff Adding (or Cataloging) New Volumes:

Process the new item as you normally would, with the following inclusions:

  • Before processing locate the 852 subfield ‘z’ note (OR the 583 ‘action’ field) on the record holdings if present. If 'latest edition' treatment instructions are already present on the holding record, continue editing the item form.
  • Assign item a Temporary Location (using the holding record information in the 852 subfield ‘z’ -- “Latest edition in Reference”, etc.) - edit item using the Sublibrary & Collection (“right”) arrows located in the “2. General Information (1)” tab.
  • Enter a “90” (in-library use) in the Item Status box (if materials circulate to patrons, the location receiving said items will change the pre-assigned “90” value to a preferred circulation / “charge-out” status - “01”, “07”, etc).
  • Check that the Material Type MATCHES the items already present on record; especially, if moved from another record (or, with Shelf Ready (‘SR’) items, etc.) – use “right” arrow to change Material Type, as needed.
  • Place a “3” to the 1st 85X type/linking no. field (to ‘mark’ the most current 'Latest edition…' materials for staff, etc)
  • Make edits to additional fields (Item Process Status, Description, etc.) as needed; then 'lock' edits to item form by placing a checkmark in the Temporary Location box (to the right of the 2nd 85X type/linking no. field).
  • In the Circ. Note field of the “3. General Information (2)” tab, insert a  'RUSH: notify [holding location, etc.] - after shelving, retrieve previous edition, remove temporary location 'checkmark' on the item form, then route to permanent location' note. When material arrives at its destination, the note will act as a “flag” (for the receiving location) to retrieve the previous 'Latest edition' material, while shelving the current/incomming volume. ALSO: on the item form of the volume on shelf, place a 'Previous 'Latest edition' - to be de-processed' flag in the Internal note field, as needed (see below).
  • When finished, place/route bar coded materials that are ready for labeling, tattle taping, & distribution on the RUSH processing shelves of the appropriate branch library.

Direction for Staff at Library Locations

When the incoming 'Latest edition' material is received at ‘Temporary Location’ (or branch): 

  • Check in (return) material (in Circulation mode) & route to the Temporary Location on item form.
  • Scan the barcode to confirm item’s Temp Location and status.
  • Highlight (click) the Item line; the 'RUSH: notify...' circulation note should appear in the Item Details tag, stating that an earlier volume may need to be “de-processed” (below). Record volume information for retrival.
  • Shelve the CURRENT 'Latest edition' in hand at the assigned location (NOTE: if the material in the Temp. Location circulates, the pre-assigned “90” items status must be changed to a check out / charge status – “01”, “07”, “52”, etc.)
  • Retrieve the PREVIOUS 'Latest edition' material referred to for “de-processing” & reshelving.

Next, ‘de-process’ (edit) the PREVIOUS 'Latest edition' material (& shelve in its’ Permanent location):

  • Scan item barcode (Circulation mode); click the Push to Items function to edit material (in cataloging mode).
  • Delete the checkmark in the Temporary Location box of the item record.
  • Change the item status of the material from “90” (in-library use, etc), to the holding location’s preferred loan status (“01” = regular loan, etc.)
  • Delete the “3” from the 85X type/linking no. box (used to “mark” the current 'Latest edition' – see above)
  • Remove (reuse, etc.) any additional notes placed on the item form (while at its Temporary Location) –most importantly, the 'Previous latest edition – to be ‘de-processed’ note in the Internal note field of the item form (beneath the “3. General Information (2)” tab)
  • Refresh and Update the item form – which should revert the Sublibrary & Collection fields back to their permanent location values.
  • When item editing is complete, shelve (or route) material accordingly.

Addendum: IF any previous editions earlier than the edition(s) currently being replaced still have a checkmark next to the Temporary Location box, contact the appropriate staff at the branch location for clarification on handling of said volume (via If a change in handling the materials has been indicated, update the location information in the holdings and items as necessary [example: when the 2010 edition of a title is processed & received, the 2009 edition will be replaced and moved to its permanent location. However, if the item record of 2008 edition still has a temporary location, this may indicate a permanent location change by the owning location. In this case the catalog should reflect the new location information.

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