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Aleph@UF: Cataloging for the Map and Imagery Library: Maps

Cataloging procedures and policies

Last updated April 2019 by Jorge Gonzalez

Cataloging for the Map and Imagery Library: Maps

Maps selected for cataloging are brought to the map shelves in the Cataloging and Discovery Services Dept. for cataloging by the Contributed Cataloging Unit, especially the map cataloging staff. After searching the items, they will be represented in Aleph either by an exported OCLC record or by a provisional record. As soon as maps are in Aleph they should have their control number penciled on the bottom right hand edge of the map. The library and collection codes for sheet maps in Aleph are UFMAP and MAP. Maps are cataloged according to standards established in RDA (toolkit: ) and classified in the LC class schedule G ( ). Subjects are assigned from LCSH. Descriptive cataloging of rare maps require consultation from Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Cartographic) (RBMS: ).

When maps are accompanied by indexes, guides, or other supplementary materials, this should be reflected in the same bibliographic record and the supplementary materials should be classed with the map to facilitate their use even though they will not generally be stored with the map in the map case. This should also be reflected the appropriate holdings field (e.g., 852: “Guide shelved separately.”)

After full cataloging, a printout of the public view of the record is returned to the Map and Imagery Library along with the map and any accompanying material. Call number labeling and stamping are provided at the Map Library and they are then placed in appropriate drawers by LC class number order by Map and Imagery Library staff, unless instructed otherwise by map curator.


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