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Aleph@UF: Moving Items

Cataloging procedures and policies

Moving Items

Moving Items

Reviewed by Hank Young June 2019

These procedures should be applied to serial holdings or to monographs with multi-part holdings.  For single part items it is probably easier to simply change the holdings record to display the correct information.  These procedures assume that there are multiple holdings already established and an item needs to be moved from one holding location to another.


To move an ITEM to a different HOL on the same BIB

Examples: For copy 2s that were on the same holdings as a copy 1, or to transfer a single item in a multi-volume set from one location to another multi-volume set.


  • Call up the item record in the Catalog module.


  • Select the item you wish to move in the upper-right pane (the part where the ITEM records are listed with their call numbers, barcodes, and current status).


  • In the bottom right pane, (the part pane which displays the various HOL records) you will see 6 tabs across the top.  Open the 6th tab which is named HOL links.  The HOL that the item is linked to will be highlighted.


  • Click on the button to the right which says “UnLink”.


  • Select the HOL from your list you want the item to be linked to.


  • Click the button on the right which says “Link”.


  • The item has now been moved. 


To move an ITEM to an HOL on a different BIB

Examples: Move periodical holdings on different BIB records due to title changes, or move a serial volume which was previously cataloged as a monograph to a serial record, or move a monograph that was previously added to a serial record when it should have been analyzed, etc.


  • Open the Catalog Module and retrieve the BIB record to which you want to add an item.


  • Use the Split Editor (SE) function on the upper right side of the window (click on the 3rd icon just above the upper-right pane).  The record you are working with will now be on the left side of the SE area, and the right side will be blank.


  • Click anywhere in the right pane, which will activate the right pane & deactivate the left pane.


  • Search for the item that you want to move, and open its BIB record so it appears in the right SE pane.


  • Click on the Overview Tree icon (just to the left of the Split Editor icon).  This will bring up a tree-display (the old NAV-map).


  • Open the trees in each SE pane to display all ITMs & HOLs.  Do this by clicking on the + sign in the box next to ITMs in the UFU50 record, OR under the HOL in the UFU60 record.  Be sure to do this on BOTH sides of the Split Editor.


  • Click on the ITM you want to move  (You can tell which item to move by its barcode or by the ID number in an ITEM without a barcode).


  • “Drag and drop” it to the corresponding section in the other editor.


  • You should get a message telling you the item has been moved successfully.
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