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Aleph@UF: Item Transfers to UFO

Cataloging procedures and policies

Updated May 2019 by Dave Van Kleeck

Item Transfers to UFO

Send all UF Only (UFO) items to the Shared Collections Cataloging Unit as follows:

  • Add the item to an existing UFSTO holding, if present, and change the collection code to UFO; or create a UFSTO UFO holding
  • Apply usual IPS (PP then TR)
  • Use Item Status 91
  • Put STO at the bottom of the call number
  • Send Special Collections items with standard Special Collections processing (e.g., barcode and call number on strip); other items should be sent fully processed (call number label, tattletape, UF stamp)
  • Note: Send to Binding if needed.  Use IPS BS and place on the Conservation/Preservation shelf in Processing.


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