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Open Access Publishing Fund Recipients

Congratulations to the authors who have been awarded assistance from the University of Florida Open Access Publishing Fund (UFOAPF). Authors who receive funding through the UFOAPF are expected to submit a post-review, final draft of the article to UF’s institutional repository, IR@UF ( See the guide on Open Access at UF to find out more about about the UFOAPF.

Step by step instructions on how to load your article into the IR@UF are below.

How to Upload Your Article into the IR@UF

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your GatorLink account.
  3. Click the Start a New Item* link.


*If this command does not appear on your MyUFDC menu, send email to or call us at 352-294-3785.

The Legal Version

Key Points

When you click Accept on this page:

  • You verify that you are the copyright holder or that you have retained the right to openly share your work in an institutional repository.
  • You grant UF permission to host and display your work in the IR@UF. Your rights are not altered by this grant of permission.
  • We do not profit from putting your work online.
  • You are free to distribute your work as copyright holder, or in ways that are consistent with any prior agreements you have entered with respect to your rights in this work.
  • We will include a statement that informs users that you own copyright, and that they must contact you for any use that is in excess of fair use or other exceptions available to users under the law. You also have the option to select a Creative Commons license for your work. To learn more, visit
  • We will archive your work, and it will be assigned a permanent URL that will link to your item indefinitely.

Metadata Fields for Open Access Publishing Fund Supported Articles

1. Click the Select Files button.

2. Browse to the file(s) that you want to upload.

3. Select the file(s)*.

4. After selecting your file(s), click the Submit button.

*If you load a PDF version of your article (instead of or in addition to other file types) users can view your work without having to download it.

1. After you have uploaded your article, click Edit Your Item.

2. On the Record Information tab, click in the Related URL box. This will open a new dialog box. Enter Publisher's URL in the Label box. In the URL box, enter the link to your article on the publisher's website.

3. Click Save to apply these changes.


Self Submittal Video Tutorial

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