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Instruction, Workshops, and Registration


Library Instruction

Our librarians can provide tailored library instruction that will support the learning outcomes of your course and equip students with the information literacy skills they need to succeed.

 Requesting an Instruction Session

To request a session, you can contact your  subject specialist directly, or contact one of the branch instruction coordinators listed below:

Architecture & Fine Arts Library:
Ann Baird 

Education Library:
Brittany Kester | 352-273-2793

Health Science Center Library:
Mary Edwards 
| 352-273-8421

Humanities & Social Sciences Library West: 
Lisa Campbell | 352-294-0476

Map & Imagery Library:
Carol McAuliffe | 352-273-2825

Marston Science Library: 
Sam Putnam | 352-273-2878

Michelle Leonard | 352-273-2866

Special Collections: 
Suzan Alteri | 352-273-2870


The library regularly hosts workshops on topics such as citation management tools, copyright/fair use, 3D printing, and more!

 Smathers Libraries workshops

 Health Science Center Library workshops

Libraries in Canvas

Library Research Button

The Library Research Button allows LibGuides to be embedded in a Canvas course. The default LibGuide is the Introduction to Library Research Guide, which provides a general introductory guide to the library research process and resources. Some librarians have enabled subject specific research guides which provide links to resources within the discipline. If a discipline specific guide is not yet assigned, you can contact your subject specialist to inquire if one can be assigned. 

Add the Library Research Button to Canvas

To add the LibGuide to Canvas, the instructor should take the following steps:

Settings, navigation, drag up library research

1. Select Settings

2. Select the Navigation tab

3. Drag the Library Research item up to the visible navigation list

4. Press Save at the bottom of the page

Librarian Role

A “Librarian” role in Canvas can help the course instructor and the librarian collaborate to support students in their research process.

This voluntary role allows course instructors to invite librarians into their class and assign a role that is clearly defined and recognizable to teachers, students, instructional designers, and librarians.


In concert with the course instructor, librarians will be able to:

  • Access course materials

  • Embed library research guides

  • Add course content  (e.g. tutorials, tools)

  • Participate in discussion boards

  • Communicate with students

Librarians do not have access to grades or other sensitive information. The content that is added and the involvement of the librarian will be agreed upon by the librarian and instructor.

How to add a Librarian in Canvas

After contacting a subject specialist librarian, and agreeing on the level of involvement, the instructor can take the following steps to add the librarian in Canvas:

Select manage users, add users, enter id or gatorlink, then select librarian role

1. Select Manage Users

2. Select Add Users

3. Add the librarian's Gator ID (provided by the librarian)

4. Select "Librarian" as the role

5. Select Next

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