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Trash Cinema: Related Resources

This LibGuide is intended to help you with the resources available for researching alternative cinema.

'Trash Aesthetic' from the Catalog

The Trash aesthetic

'Trash', as an aesthetic, is seen in many other type of media, including literature, music, art and more.

Researching trash aesthetics should include cross-searching related fields for other resources.

Trash Cinema Internationally

Fantastique - a French literary and cinematic genre which typically encompasses themes of science fiction, horror and fantasy. 'Fantastic'Arts' is the most famous festival devoted to the genre. More information at

Giallo - an Italian literary and cinematic genre named for the yellow covers of the pulp novels which served as thematic inspiration. Gary Needham's essay at is a great introduction to the genre.

Exponents of the genre include: Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento, Mario Bava

The 'Do-it-Yourself Giallo Generator' at is an amusing (but accurate!) exploration of the themes explored in the typical giallo film.

Related external links - The Original Classic Exploitation Film Resource and Fan Community. Includes over 2000 reviews - 'Showcasing the best and worst in sleaze, tease, and cheese since August 2006'.

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