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Trash Cinema: Trash cinema

This LibGuide is intended to help you with the resources available for researching alternative cinema.

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Divine from 'Pink Flamingos' (1972 - John Waters)

'They Live' (1988 - John Carpenter)

Puppet Master 2

Torch from 'Puppet Master II' (1991 - Davis W. Allen) 


What decade is your favourite for trash / genre movies?

50's: 2 votes (5.88%)
60's: 3 votes (8.82%)
70's: 4 votes (11.76%)
80's: 17 votes (50%)
90's: 2 votes (5.88%)
00's: 4 votes (11.76%)
other: 2 votes (5.88%)
Total Votes: 34


This page is a resource for Trash Cinema (aka Paracinema) - often forgotten and much maligned movies that typically sacrifice traditional notions of artistic merit for increased thematic exploration.

Additional definitions:

'In addition to art film, horror, and science fiction films, "paracinema" catalogues "include entries from such seemingly disparate genres" as badfilm, splatterpunk, mondo films, sword-and-sandal epics, Elvis flicks, government hygiene films, Japanese monster movies, beach party musicals, and "just about every other historical manifestation of exploitation cinema from juvenile delinquency documentaries to ... pornography' - Jeffrey Sconce

'Films made with little or no attention to quality or artistic merit but with an eye to a quick profit, usually via high-pressure sales and promotion techniques emphasizing some sensational aspect of the product' - Ephraim Katz.

'To display sadism and discipline alone would only lead to imprisonment. But...simply disguising it with a story, a minimal plot, and a score will result in me being hailed as a creative genius' - Sardu (The murderous performance artist from Joel M. Reed's 1975 cult classic 'Bloodsucking Freaks').

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Matthew Daley

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Street Trash (1987)

A case of contaminated alcohol has a debilitating effect on the vagabonds haunting the streets and junkyards of Brooklyn.

Shameless, Tasteless: Trash Cinema from the Soviet Underground

Director: Yakov Levi Cast: Marina Barsova, Maria Demeneva, Baba Alla (Troma; US DVD: 27 Oct 2009; UK DVD: 27 Oct 2009)

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