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Acquisitions Department: Home

Contact Information

Acquisitions Department
George A. Smathers Libraries
P.O. Box 117007
Gainesville, FL 32611-7007
Staff Roster:
Allender, Mark (Serials Unit)
Barrett, Aimee (P&M Unit)
Bedford, Verna (A&P Unit)
Carrico, Steve (Chair)
Elneil, Michelle (P&M Unit)
Fraleigh, Bruce (Gifts & Exchanges)
Gumbayan, Eric (P&M Unit)
Heckathorn, Jason (P&M Unit)
Kiker, Doug (E-R Unit)
Manning, Laydene (A&P Unit)
Margjoni, Raimonda (Serials Unit)
Needelman, Elaine (P&M Unit)
Shelton, Trey (E-R Unit)
Stewart, Angela (E-R Unit)
Waters, Jack (A&P Unit)
Wiese, Jay (E-R Unit)
Representing HSCL:
Mott, Renae

The Role of Acquisitions

The Acquisitions Department follows the Smathers Libraries' strategic directions for resource acquisitions and content management; subsequently the main responsibilities of the staff in the department are to acquire online resources, print books, serials, and various materials that support the research and instructional mission of the University of Florida. The Acquisitions Department consists of four units of operations: Print & Media, Accounting & Paying, Serials, and Electronic Resources (E-Resources), plus two programs - Gifts and Exchanges. Each area is dedicated to a specific set of responsibilities and workflow although a variety of ongoing projects and short-term initiatives cross units and programs.
Most of the workflow and operations in the Acquisitions Department are focused on coordinating orders and paying invoices; managing the materials budgets; governing subscriptions and licensing agreements; and maintaining online access in conjunction with the libraries' Subject Specialists/Selectors. In addition, Acquisitions works with partner institutions from the state's largest library consortium (CSUL). Acquisitions staff also monitor the monograph approval/slip plans and the various Patron-Driven Acquisitions initatives; and coordinate a 11-12 mil. materials budget that involves tracking hundreds of funds in Aleph. The Acquisitions Chair assists the Associate Dean of the division of Scholarly Resources & Services, the Joint Chairs, and Subject Selectors, to develop and implement collection management priorities and strategies.
The Smathers Central Libraries and the Health Science Center Libraries often share in the selection and purchase of online resources and print materials, as staff in Acquisitions and HSCL team together to coordinate workflow, budgets, and responsibilities.

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