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HathiTrust ADAFiles Procedures : Searching for and Accessing HathiTrust Files

Searching for, Accessing & Supplying ADA-Compliant files from HathiTrust

How to Locate Eligible ADA-Compliant Files from HathiTrust in the Florida SUS System

Students, Faculty, and staff registered with their institution’s disability resource center (or institutional equivalent) may obtain ADA-compliant PDF files of any materials in thet Hathi Trust listings. 
Please note: Files cannot be supplied to any student, faculty, staff, or other patrons without first verifying that they are registered with their institution’s disability resource center. This is part of our contract agreement with HathiTrust.

  •  Go to (When doing this, the user must be using the computer with the static IP address supplied to Hathitrust by the library).  Click on the Log-in button, and log in with your credentials.


  • When logged in, click on the Advanced full-text search link .


  • Enter the title The Things They Carried in the first box and select title from the pulldown menu options; enter Tim O’Brien in the second box, and choose Author from the pulldown menu.


  • Locate the appropriate title in the list of results, and click on the Full View link.


  • On the left hand side of the next  page, click on the Download whole book (PDF) link.


  • A progress bar will show as the PDF file is being assembled; once the process is complete, the file can be downloaded.

  • Save the file to yopur desktop. The file can now be sent to the cerified user. Once you have emailed the file, be sure to delete the file from your hard drive.

Enhanced access to digital versions of books in the HathiTrust repository (both those that are publicly accessible and those that are in copyright) is available to University of Florida students, faculty and staff whose disabilities do not allow them to use printed books. Patrons that are registered with the University of Florida Disability Resource Center may make requests for materials via an online form. Once the library staff has verified that the patron is registered with the Disability Resource Center, they will contact HathiTrust, obtain the material, and email the file to the patron.

Patrons may use THIS LINK to access the online form for requesting materials from HathiTrust.

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