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HathiTrust ADAFiles Procedures : Searching the HathiTrust website by Title

Search by Title instructions with screen captures

Search by Title

1. Go to

2. Click on the Advanced catalog search link

3. On the next screen, choose Title from the pull-down menu on the first box, and enter the title information in the text box (for this example, The Things They Carried). Click on the Search button at the bottom of the page.

3. On the results page, look at the top (See example below). All items indicates the total number of items in the Hathitrust database; Only full view indicates the number of items readily available online.

5. All items, either full view items or items that are listed as Limited view (Search only) can be requested by patrons who are registered with the University of Florida Disability Resource Center. Patrons that are registered with the DRC may make requests for materials via an online form. Once the library staff has verified that the patron is registered with the Disability Resource Center, they will contact HathiTrust, obtain the material as an ADA-compliant file, and email the file to the patron.

Patrons may use THIS LINK to access the online form for requesting materials from HathiTrust.

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