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AEE4905 School Based Agricultural Education Across the Globe (South Korea): Home

This course guide provides information for AEE4905 students the University of Florida (UF) and Penn State (PSU).

Off-campus access

For off-campus access to library-licensed e-Journals, research databases and e-resources, use either:

UF VPN - or - the library proxy server (on the remote logon page)

Agricultural Education & Communication

With the interdisciplinary nature of Agricultural Education & Communication, you will need access to resouces in multiple libraries:

The Marston Science Library houses collections in the agricultural and life sciences.

AEE4905 School Based Agricultural Educarion Accross the Globe (South Korea)

Welcome to the Marston Science Library guide for AEE4905. This guide will provide resources about South Korea's culture, history, agriculture, and education system for students at the University of Florida and Penn State University.

For additional resources and information please see the Penn State guide assembled by Life Sciences Librarian, Kathy Fescemyer.

Weekly Readings

These weekly readings will enhance your course lectures. You will be able to access the electronic materials online via the library course reserves system. Print materials and films will be available at the circulation desk at Library West.

Week & Date

Week 3

February 13

Korea's Cultural Customs
Read the Culture and Studies Tabs on the Gateway to Korea site. This will give you a background on etiquette and customs in Korea.

Week 4

February 20

Historical Overview of Korea
Watch the moive Tʻaegŭkki hwinallimyŏ (The brotherhood of War). It is available at Library West on the second floor under the call number DVD 1250.
Read the following article:
Chang-Il, O. (2010) Causes of the Korean War 1950-1953.International Journal of Korean Studies. 14 (2)

Week 5

February 27

Korean Economics
Read the scholarly article:
Ha, Y. and Lee, W. (2007) Politics of economic reform in South Korea: crony capitalism after ten years. Asian Survey. 47 (6): 894-914.
You can access this article within the JSTOR database on the under the title Asian Survey. (If you are off campus, ake sure you are logged onto the VPN).

Week 6

March 12

Korean Agriculture
This IFAS report gives an overview of South Korean agriculture and extension projects. It gives an excellent historical background to Korean extension.
Korean Agricultural Research: The Integration of Research and Extension.

Week 7

March 26

Education in Korea
This article gives a new view for science literacy education in Korea and can serve as a science literacy model for other countries.
Choi, K., Lee, H., Shin, N., Kim, S., & Krajcik, J. (2011). Re-Conceptualization of Scientific Literacy in South Korea for the 21st Century. Journal Of Research In Science Teaching, 48(6)
The article is available online
(If you are off campus, ake sure you are logged onto the VPN).

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