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African and African American Experiences

Open access resources online.



Great achievements in science and technology in ancient Africa


Digital Projects

HeLa and Science

Way of All Flesh (BBC documentary)

Voices of the Civil Rights Movement: Tuskegee Sphyilis Experiment (video)


Collections Online

Rock Art Archives: Ancient Geometry: Writing Systems, Art, Mathematics


Lesson Plans / Classroom Resources

Against Their Will: North Carolina’s Eugenics Program:

African Americans in Science and Technology

African Americans in the Space Program

Cancer and Henrietta Lacks – Lesson Plan

George Washington Carver – Scientist, Inventor, and Teacher

Early African American Aviators

Mancala in the Classroom

WWII and Tuskegee Airmen – STEM in 30 video


Webpage / Blog

Black Inventor Museum online

Math in Ancient Africa

Modern History of Blacks in Mathematics (timeline)​

Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment - Timeline
University of Florida Home Page

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