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Building BIPOC Library Collections: Tools and Resources for Library Selectors

Supplemental LibGuide for poster session at ACRL Womens & Gender Studies Poster Session, ALA Annual Conference 2021

Poster Abstract

thumbnail image or conference poster headerExamining library collections to make them more inclusive is not an easy process. A methodological collection analysis comparing a collection to an authoritative list or collections at peer institutions is one way to identify gaps. However, if a goal is to build more comprehensive collections moving forward, there are several tools and resources available to most college and university libraries that are increasingly adapting to help librarians identify and purchase more diverse, inclusive materials. 

EBSCO’s GOBI book ordering platform allows selectors to browse librarian-curated Spotlight Lists to discover titles and receive notifications when new titles are added. Recently added Spotlight Lists of eBook and print titles now include subjects such as Antiracist Reading, and Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice, along with lists covering African American History, Asian American Studies, Chicana and Hispanic Studies, and Indigenous Studies, among others. As a source of authoritative book reviews, Choice Reviews Online is another major selection tool for academic libraries. In August 2020, Choice added racial justice as a tag to identify resources that examine and or remedy inequities against BIPOC communities. 

This poster will visually present features of these tools, as well as highlight publishers and additional resources that may be useful in building a more diverse, inclusive collection, one book and one shelf at a time. 


The following image is a thumbnail version of the conference poster.  Please click on the PDF file above to view the full size version.

thumbnail image of the poster

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