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Critical Analysis of Information: Home

This resource was designed to help you critically evaluate information from a variety of sources, but focuses on scholarly artifacts including peer-reviewed journals, guidelines, and books.


Various information sources require different types of evaluation before the information should be consumed and applied. Just as there are specific criteria for evaluating webpages, scholarly information can be evaluated using the criteria described in this guide. 

Searching for and evaluting the literature is similar to implementing evidence based medicine (EBM or evidence based practice).  You search with a specific question or topic in mind that has a specific context, just as you consider the patient as part of your P.I.C.O in EBM. When searching for information for EBM, do you take all the research at face value or do you critique the type of publication (single case report versus a randomized control trial), the methods used and other aspects of the research before using it to help answer your patient (context) focused question?

The information in this resource will help guide your thinking as you consider various characteristics of scholarly publications and resarch and how they influence your analysis and synthesis of the literature.

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