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Linking IR, UFDC, and Primo for Movables Project: Home

Updated March 2024 by Armaan Kalkat



This guide explains the steps for adding the necessary links to Baldwin items which are part of the Movables project. The end goal is to have the UFDC pages of the Baldwin item linked to a PDF model of the movable mechanism contained in the UFIR and vice versa, and to add the UFDC page as an electronic portfolio to the Alma record, allowing users to access it through Primo. This LibGuide is primarily intended as an internal document for metadata staff working with the UFDC but is also available publicly to increase transparency of our workflows and activities.


  • Use UFDC Metadata Editor to add Related URLs to both the Baldwin items and IR PDF Models
  • Use OCLC Connexion to export records to Alma Network and Institution Zone
  • Add UFDC link as an electronic portfolio to each item in Alma 

For more detailed information, click "Steps" in the above menu.


  • UFDC Metadata Editor
  • Alma
  • OCLC Connexion

Step 1: Adding Related URLs to UFDC Records

  • Log in to Legacy UFDC
  • Navigate to UFDC Page for items you were requested to link
  • Click Edit Metadata in top-left of page
  • Navigate to "Record Information" tab
  • Click "Related URL"
  • Paste appropriate URL in the URL field
    • For Baldwin items, this will be a link to an IR submission
    • For IR submissions, this will be a link to the Baldwin item
    • You should be provided with the correct links, but generally these should only be New UFDC links
  • Add display label for URL
    • For Baldwin items, this will be "Link to PDF Model"
    • For IR submissions, this will be "Link to Collection Item"
    • You can also ask the person who made the request if they want alternate labels for the related URLs depending on the needs of the project
  • Save your changes

Step 2: Confirming 856 field in OCLC and Exporting to Alma IZ and NZ

Refer to the following steps in the Metadata Specialist Reference Guide

Follow Step 3 "PERMALINKS IN OCLC " in Metadata Specialist Reference Guide

Follow Step 6 "EXPORTING FROM OCLC TO ALMA INSTITUTION ZONE OR NETWORK ZONE" for both Institution Zone and Network Zone



Step 3: Adding Electronic Portfolio in Alma

Follow Step 5 "ELECTRONIC PORTFOLIOS IN ALMA" in Metadata Specialist Reference Guide

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