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Smathers Undergraduate Internship Program


This guide is intended to aid potential internship directors and team members create an effective proposal. Undergraduate students wishing to apply for library internships may search for opportunities via UF Careers listings and the Smathers Library HR website.

Library internships will be advertised the semester before they begin.

Program Overview

The Smathers Undergraduate Internship Program provides semester-based student internships in the George A. Smathers Libraries. Internship proposal awards are made annually via a competitive process open to all library staff and faculty and are generously funded by the Dean of the University Libraries. Proposals require at least one staff or faculty member in the Libraries to serve as the Internship Director. The Program provides a supportive environment for those who wish to gain experience conceptualizing, writing, and administering small grants and internship projects.

Student internships benefit the Libraries and foster collaboration across campus while providing students with experiential learning opportunities. Internships are open to all UF undergraduate students, with preference given to currently employed Library Student Assistants. Remote or online internships will need specific approval from departmental and affiliated administrative units. 

See full program description

Timeline for Spring 2024

  1. Program announcement at town hall and via email 01/17/2024
  2. Official announcement emailed to library staff and faculty 01/29/2024
  3. Q+A sessions
    • Monday, February 5, 2024 4:00 PM-5:00 PM
    • Friday, February 23, 2024 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
  4. Reminder email 02/19/2024
  5. Applicant proposals are due to the committee 02/28/2024 (This allows time for review and clarification)
  6. Proposals will be submitted to admin by committee for review 03/15/2024
  7. Applicants informed of decision by 03/29/2024
  8. Selection decisions announced by 04/15/2024
  9. Internship manager works with Library HR and submits finalized PVA by 07/29/2024
  10. If a posting is needed, advertising should begin 08/02/2024. Suggested closed date is 08/16/2024. (Please review applicants as they come in)
  11. Selection of interns for Fall 2024 should occur by 08/30/2024

Proposal Categories with Examples

  • Circulation/Collections: relates to circulation and collections projects
    • Strategic Directions 1, 2
    • Examples:
      • Intern enhances the usability of a collection by processing materials and developing a finding aid.
      • Intern facilitates the implementation or surveys the effectiveness of a new library circulation program.
  • Outreach: supports Library services and collections promotion, including activities & events
    • Strategic Directions 1, 2
    • Examples: 
      • Intern creates a marketing package including branding, web resources and social media posts to promote a library initiative.
      • Intern facilitates a library event series in partnership with ___ unit/organization in order to promote ___ collection.
  • Special Projects: academic focused  
    • Strategic Directions 1, 2, 4, 5
    • Examples: 
      • In cooperation with subject specialist/professor ___ from X department; the intern will develop a website showcasing current research in the field which focuses prominently on the ___ collection.
      • Intern creates an annotated bibliography to provide an overview on a collection alongside an academic topic.
  • User Engagement: meaningful resources and technologies to improve the Library experience for a diverse patronage
    • Strategic Directions 3, 5
    • Examples: 
      • Intern will facilitate special instructional workshop program.
      • Intern assists in testing new technologies intended to improve user experience.
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