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JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments)


JoVE Lab Manuals

Each lab with the JoVE Lab Manuals contain three elements:

1. Instructor Prep Video - provides directions for the instructor on how to run the specific lab

2. Concept Video - demonstrates the fundamental ideas and concepts that will need to be understood for the lab

3. Student Protocol Video - shows students how to replicate the procedure and the protocol steps to complete the lab

JoVE Lab Manuals also provide printable versions of the learning objectives, materials list, and prep protocol.

Create a JoVE Test

JoVE Science Education includes:

Jove Core - Video Textbooks for Biology and Social Psychology that include animated video-lessons that explain key concepts and scientist-in-action videos that show actual research experiments conducted in laboratories.

Video Libraries - 8 Subject based video collections that teach key concepts and techniques in 

Lab Manuals - Comprehensive, curriculum-focused videos for both instructors and students in introductory biology and chemistry lab courses.

Tests - each JoVE Science Education video offers test/quiz questions that can be imported into Canvass

JoVE Science Education Video Libraries

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