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Digital Shred Workshop

Welcome to the Digital Shred Workshop

In this workshop we will:

  • Reflect on your digital privacy priorities
  • Apply a growth mindset to critically examine your digital footprint
  • Develop a Personal Data Integrity Plan

Digital Shred Workshop Slides

Fact or Fiction

Open the Fact or Fiction? link below & enter the game code on the screen.

Fact or Fiction Kahoot

Ideal Portfolio // Damage Assessment Activity

Develop a Burner Account

Use the Ideal Portfolio worksheet to create your perfect “burner account”.  Follow the guiding questions to think through scenarios

Damage Assessment

Adapted from Intelligence Community Directive 732 (ICD 732)

Use the Damage Assessment worksheet to:

  • Evaluate actual or potential damage resulting from infiltration or exfiltration
  • Identify systemic vulnerabilities
  • Develop corrective action plan

Personal Data Integrity Plan

Using your Ideal Portfolio & Damage Assessment, begin reflecting on your individual digital accounts, apps, & smart products which pose a privacy threat. 

Use the Personal Data Integrity Plan worksheet & links below to assess risk levels & begin planning a corrective action plan.

Getting Started

How to locate & delete accounts


Web Browsers


Productivity & Organization

Health & Wearables

Smart Home // Smart Devices

University of Florida Home Page

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