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Information resources, focusing on students, staff, and faculty in the Department of Biostatistics

Biostatistics E-Books

Adaptive Designs for Sequential Treatment Allocation, 1 ed. Antognini, 2015.

Age-Period-Cohort Models: Approaches and Analyses with Aggregate Data. Robert M. O'Brien. 2015.

Basic & Clinical Biostatistics. 5e. Susan White, Beth Dawson. McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 2020.

Dynamical Biostatistical Models. Daniel Commenges,Helene Jacqmin-Gadda. 2015.

Empirical Likelihood Method in Survival Analysis.Mai Zhou, CRC Press. 2016.

Handbook of Survival Analysis. John P. Klein, CRC Press. 2014.

Interval-Censored Time-to-Event Data: Methods and Applications. Ding-Geng Chen; Jianguo Sun; Karl E. Peace, CRC Press. 2013.

Mendelian Randomization: Methods for Using Genetic Variants in Causal Estimation.  Stephen Burgess, Simon G.Thompson, CRC Press. 2015.

Meta-regression Approaches: What, Why, When and How?  Sally C Morton,  John L Adams, Marika J Suttorp, Paul G Shekelle. AHRQ Technical Reviews, No. 8, Report No.: 04-0033. March 2004.

Methods and Applications of Longitudinal Data Analysis. Xian Liu, Academic Press, 2016.

Nonlinear dynamic modeling of physiological systems. Vasilis Z. Marmarelis. Wiley 2004.

Primer of Biostatistics. 6 ed. Stanton Glantz. McGraw-Hill, 2005.

Randomization in clinical trials: theory and practice, 2 ed. William F. Rosenberger; John M. Lachi, Wiley, 2016.

Small Sample Size Solutions : A Guide for Applied Researchers and Practitioners.  Rens van de Schoot and Milica Miočević, eds.  Taylor & Francis Group, 2020.

Stochastic models with applications to genetics, cancers, AIDS and other biomedical systems, 2 ed. W.Y. Tan,2016.

Systems to Rate the Strength of Scientific Evidence. Suzanne West, Valerie King, Timothy S Carey, Kathleen N Lohr, Nikki McKoy, Sonya F Sutton, BSPH,  Linda Lux.Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 47, Report No.: 02-E016. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Qualitiy (US); April 2002.


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