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Florida Political Papers: An Introduction

The Florida Political Papers Collection consists of manuscript collections of Florida politicians who held state and national political office during the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries as well as Florida politicians who ran, successfully or unsuccessfully, for state or national political office during those decades. In addition, the collection contains papers of individual non-office holders who were involved in local, state, and national political causes and campaigns. For example, the May Mann Jennings Papers, which document her involvement in the fight for women’s suffrage and environmental conservation. Also included are records of statewide political organizations such as the League of Women Voters of Florida and Florida legislative records. The later includes the Johns Committee Collection, which contains records from the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee, the committee that investigated members and activities of civil rights organizations and gay and lesbian teachers and professors in Florida public schools and state universities.

The Florida Political Papers includes collections spanning the decades from 1800 to 2020 and beyond, from the David Levy Yulee Papers (territorial legislator, territorial delegate to Congress, and US Senator) to the Bill Nelson Political Papers (state legislator, state treasurer, member of Congress, and US Senator, 2001–2019). Expansive in scope, the papers provide correspondence (official and personal), reports, speeches, press information, official documents, and audiovisual material concerning many of the most consequential subjects and episodes in Florida and the nation’s history, including slavery, Indian wars, civil war, world wars, economic development and depression, presidential elections, environmental conservation, the Cold War, and space exploration. The papers also contain a wealth of documentation on areas that reflect Florida’s diverse political heritage, including civil rights for African Americans, voting and equal rights for women, Latinx immigration, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, and the struggle for LGBTQ+ rights.

Governor Lawton Chiles meeting with African American Florida legislators (Photo credit

Florida Political Papers: The Collections

While the debate goes on in the Florida Senate, Senator Bob Graham of Miami examines his filed bills during the 1972 regular session of the Florida Legislature (Photo credit

University of Florida Digital Collections and Florida Political Papers

Other Florida Repositories Holding Florida Political Collections

State Archives manager Gerard Clark describes records on display at the State Archives of Florida to Governor Charlie Crist, Tallahassee (Photo credit

Repositories Outside of Florida Holding Florida Political Papers

Florida Political History Resources

The Florida Handbook, 1965-1966 (Photo credit FIU Law Collections)


National Resources for Florida Political History Research

Florida Political History Sites

Florida State Capitol, Tallahassee (Photo credit

Florida Political History Bibliography: Biographies

Five former governors posing with Governor Jeb Bush at the Florida Governors Forum, Tallahassee (Photo credit

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Florida Political History Bibliography: Nonfiction Books, Including Memoirs, by Florida Politicians

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