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Name Authority Correction in UFDC: Updating Name Headings in UFDC

The first step is always to check the LC Name Authority (be sure to verify that the LC Control Number on the record you consult is the same one as on the Excel sheet) to make sure you are correcting to the latest form, unless of course you have just done that before searching for the heading and any variants. Keep track of how many records (not items) you change to the correct heading.

One heading may have several variants. Any variant which requires more than 100 record changes should be referred for batch processing. If the heading has other variants with fewer than 100 record changes make those other changes and refer the rest for batch processing. To refer records for batch processing add them to the UFDC Name Batch Update Requests Google Sheet.

When correcting the heading for a corporate body there may also be versions of that heading with subheadings, e.g., you may have the heading “Lawrence Livermore Laboratory” in the Excel sheet and also find in UFDC headings for subbodies such as “Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. Atmospheric and Geophysical Sciences Division.” If there are only a few you can correct these headings as well, consulting LC’s Name Authority website to see if there are established forms for these subbodies. Consider submitting any subbodies not yet in LC’s Name Authority list to Nathan for consideration for inclusion in LC’s Name Authority list.

Once the records have been corrected the first column on the Excel sheet is changed from “Y” to “Y (done)” and the number of records changed is noted in the second column. If the heading only has variants that require over 100 record changes each, change the first column to “Y (sent for batch processing)”. If in addition to the variant(s) with over 100 record changes there is a variant or variants with fewer changes, change the first column to “Y (my part done; sent for batch processing)”. In this case also record the number of records changed in the second column.

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