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Historic Preservation: Journals/Articles

Key databases and links for doing research in historic preservation

How Do I Find My Article?

Some databases provide full text access to the article for which you were searching. Others only let you know that the article exists somewhere out in the world. The following are steps for finding a copy of the article when the database does not provide immediate access:

When you find your article, look for the Find it @ UF button: 

The link will search the UF Libraries catalog. If there are online options available, the catalog will provide a link to the journal. If access to an online journal does not exist, you will be provided with links to search the catalog for a print copy. When you find the journal, remember to write down the call number, library location, volume and page numbers so that you can find the article in the libraries!

If you undertake the search in the catalog for a print resource and you do not find the journal and volume number here at UF, use interlibrary loan to request the article from another library!


Use these databases to find articles about your research topic, which have been selected to support research in Architecture. Remember that you are not limited to these! 

Interdisciplinary Databases:

Cross Disciplinary Research

These databases are not specifically architecture, construction, or engineering databases; rather, they may provide contextual information or enable you to look at your research topic from a different angle or perspective. 


Laws, Regulations, and Policy:

Searching Guide

Searching for journal articles related to historic preservation can sometimes be difficult since the research in this field is so multidisciplinary.

In the databases listed to the left, consider using the following keywords/phrases in your searches:

  • Historic Buildings
  • Historic Districs
  • Historic Preservation
  • Historic Sites
  • Heritage Areas
  • Heritage Tourism
  • Conservation and Restoration
  • Cultural Property
  • Monuments
  • Repair and Reconstruction
  • Urban Renewal
  • House Museums
  • Historical Museums
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