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HSC 3057: Research Methods & Issues in Health Science: Swamped with Information - Information Literacy Modules

So you have to Write a Paper

Information Literacy Modules

Greetings!  The power point presentations below are part of an in progress set of tutorials called "Swamped with Information: Information Literacy for the Health Sciences".  The goal is to help you access, find, and evaluate information.  The ovjectives of the project are below.

When you have viewed all of the content you will be able to:

     1. Recognize that they have an information need and develop an appropriate question to express that need.

     2. Select and utilize the appropriate resource to answer the information need.

     3. Evaluate the quality and appropriateness of various resources using the skills and criteria presented in the tutorial.

     4. Access UF HSC libraries resources both on campus and off utilizing appropriate authentication methods.

If you go through the modules, please provide feedback here: 


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