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Mary Edwards, MLIS, EdD: Selected Presentations/Publications

This guide provides basic information about the services I provide, the subject areas and programs I work with as well as information about my research interests, education, and background.

Full Curriculum Vitae

This "Presentations/Publications" tab provides a snapshot of my scholarly activity.  To see more check out my full vitae, linked below.

Selected Journal Publications

Lyon JA, Kuntz GM, Edwards ME, Butson LC, Auten B. (2015).  The lived experience and training needs of librarians serving at the clinical point-of-care. Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 34(3): 311-333.

Kumar, S. & Edwards, ME.  , "Information Literacy and Embedded Librarianship in an Online Graduate Program".  Journal of Information Literacy.  7(1), 2013.

Kumar S, Ochoa M, & Edwards ME. “Considering information literacy skills and needs: Designing library instruction for the online learner”. Communications in Literacy. 6(1), (2012).

Tennant MR, Edwards ME, & Miyamoto MM. “Use of Instructional design theory and an individualized hybrid strategy for assessment in library based instruction”. Journal of the Medical Library Association.  100(4), 319-322.

Tennant MR, Auten B, Botero CE, Butson LC, Edwards ME, Garcia-Milian R, Lyon JA, & Norton HF. The changing face of reference: biomedical and health information services in the classroom, clinic and beyond.  Medical Reference Services Quarterly. 31(3), 280-301.

Edwards ME, & Black EW. Case Study Evaluation of an Online Embedded Librarian Implementation. Journal of Library and Information Services for Distance Learning. 6(3/4), 284-311.

Hammoud M, White C, Morgan H, Lyon J & Edwards M. Is video review of patient encounters an effective tool for medical student learning? A review of the literature. Advances in Medical Education and Practice. 3(1), 19-30.

Tennant MR, Miyamoto M, & Edwards M. Redesigning a library-based genetics class research project through instructional theory and authentic experience.  Journal of the Medical Library Association. 100(2), 90-97.

Textbook Publications

Edited Books: 

ME Edwards. Interprofessional Education and Medical Libraries: Partnering for Success. Rowman & Littlefield: Lanham, MD, 2016, 230 pages. (In press; anticipated publication date: August 16, 2016).

Invited Book-Chapters:

MR Tennant, ME Edwards, HF Norton, S Russell-Gonzalez. “Information and scientific literacy support for undergraduates: aligning instruction with standards and frames to prepare students for research and lifelong learning.” Invited chapter in The New Information Literacy Instruction: Best Practices. Ed. P Ragains and MS Wood. Rowman & Littlefield: Lanham, MD, 2015.

ME Edwards, HF Norton, MR Tennant, N Stoyan-Rosenzweig, M Daley. “Promotion, publicity, and beyond: using a marketing plan and innovative strategies to reach users in an academic health science center library.”  Invited chapter in Creative Library Marketing and Publicity: Best Practices. Ed. RJ Lackie and MS Wood. Rowman & Littlefield: Lanham, MD, 2015.

HF Norton, ME Edwards, MR Tennant, & N Stoyan-Rosenzweig. Strategies for Seeking External Funding in a Health Science Library.  Invited Chapter in Successful Fundraising: Best Practices, Rowman & Littlefield: Lanham, MD, 2014, 97-111.

White, C. B., Cooper, L., Edwards, M., Lyon, J. (In Press). Assessing Learners’ Needs.  In the Oxford Textbook of Medical Education, Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK, 2013.

Edwards, M.  (In Press). Assessing Embedded Librarianship Implementations.  In Embedded Librarianship: What Every Academic Librarian Should Know.  ABC-CLIO,  Santa Barbara, CA, 2013.  .

Funded Grants

Tennant, MR (Principle Investigator) Butson, L.C., Edwards, M. E., Norton, H.F., and Schaefer, N.M  (Co-Investigators). Women’s Health/Sex and Gender Differences Outreach Project. Funding Agency: National Library of Medicine. Status: Funded.  Total Award: $50,000.  Grant Period:  4 Mar.  -  19 Sept. 2013.

Edwards, M. (Principal Investigator) Butson, L, Kuntz, G., Tennant, M. R. (Co-Investigators). Evaluating the use of tablets for point-of-care information services. Funding Agency: Smathers Libraries Mini-grant. Status: Funded.  Total Award: $1,614.  Grant Period: 1 November to 31 October.

Selected Presentations & Posters

Auten, B.[presenter], Edwards, M., Butson, L.C., Tennant, M. R., “Librarians with tablets connecting patient and family-centered pediatric rounding teams with information”, contributed paper, Southern Chapter Medical Library Association, Baltimore, MD, 14 Oct. 2012.

Tennant, M.R., Edwards, M.E., Garcia-Milian, R., Norton, H.F. “Hitting a grand slam: the state of the art in library-based bioinformatics support”, Medical Library Association annual conference, Seattle, WA. Accepted; presentation on 20 May 2012.

Lyon, J.L., Schumaker, J., Dubar, E., West, J., Edwards, M.E. "Illuminating the Distinct Information Needs of Brain Cancer Patients and Their Caretakers During Routine Clinical Care", contributed presentation, Medical Library Association annual conference, Seattle, WA.  Accepted; presentation on 21 May 2012.

Kumar, S., Edwards, M., & Ochoa, M. (2010, October). Analysis of Online Students’ Use of Embedded Library Instruction in a Graduate Educational Technology Course.  Paper presented at the AACE E-Learn Conference, Orlando, FL. 

Overcoming Distance: Using Elluminate for Synchronous Library Instruction. July 13, 2009. American Library Association, Annual Conference, Chicago, IL. (Ochoa, Marilyn [presenter] and Edwards, Mary)

Online Interactive Case Based Learning for Instructional Design.  Association of Educational Communications & Technology, Orlando, FL November 6, 2008. (with Vasa Burapadejha, and Theodore Bowman).

Learning from Pharmacy Distance LearnersAmerican Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), Chicago, IL July 20, 2008.  (With Rae Jesano [presenter] and Linda Butson)

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