Writing Resources

Finding Information on Journal and Magazine Sources

Journal and Magazine Information Sources

Cabell's International (use citation-backed metrics to evaluate and better understand academic journals)

Bacon's magazine directory : directory of magazines, newsletters Z6951 .B25 Marston Science Library Reference Reserve

ISI Journal Citation Reports (use impact factor, total citations, number of articles to determine important journals for a specific area) * restricted to UF affiliates and on campus users

JAbbr Journal Abbreviation Tool

Ulrich's Periodical Directory (use to located periodical titles, and to learn journal scope, type (e.g. scholarly), publishing history) * restricted to UF affiliates and on campus users

Web of Science (use for citation analysis: use an article to locate what resources have cited it or were cited by it) * restricted to UF affiliates and on campus users

Finding Impact of Journal, Article, and Author

Web of Science - most well known tool for finding imact factor; restricted to UF affiliates and on campus users

Citation Report Help

Google Scholar

UF Libraries' Guide - Citation Analysis: Measuring the Influence and Impact of Research

Metrics for Measuring Impact

See Harzing's Publish or Perish for more information

  • Hirsch's h-index
  • Egghe's g-index
  • Zhang's e-index
  • Age-weighted citation rate (AWCR) and AW-index
  • Individual h-index (original)
  • Individual h-index (PoP variation)
  • Multi-authored h-index
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