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Political Science Data Services : Overview

Data or Statistics?

Are you are looking for data or statistics?

Data consists of raw information, either quantitative or qualitative. Statistics are calculated from data.

For example, you might see a table showing the number of people who voted in the 2012 elections, with one number for each state. This is data. That data could then be used to calculate a statistic -- for example the average number of people who voted across all the states.

Knowing which type of information you're looking for is important -- it will greatly aid in your search!



This Guide is designed to help UF faculty and students to find and use Social Science data. The main focus is on quantitiative data, but assistance with qualitative data is offered as well. In terms of subject fields, political science-related data is emphasized, but data from other social science fields are also included.  

To browse resources for the particular type of data you are looking for, click on the appropriate tab immediately above this box, or on the link in the box on the right.

Assistance and Help
If you need assistance in locating or working with a social science dataset, or with using data in SPSS, contact David Schwieder, Coordinator of Humanities and Social Sciences Data Services (see box on the right).

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Hot Links

U.S. Congress Data: Includes datasets on congressional operations (roll call voting data, data on committees, etc) and datasets related to congressional elections.

U.S. Voting and Elections Data: Includes datasets related to elections (voting turnout, candidate choices of voters, etc.). Datasets for U.S. and international elections.

International Voting and Elections Data: Includes datasets for non-U.S. elections.

Public Opinion Data: Includes U.S. and international datasets

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