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Health Science Center Libraries Archives: Oral History Interviews

A guide to using the archives.

Oral histories on Health and Healthcare

Oral histories are a form of living history, consisting of in-depth interviews conducted with individuals that chronicle their lives- sometimes with a focus on a particular lived experience, sometimes discussing all of the events in someone's live with equal emphasis on each and every event.  The oral history interviews listed on this page represent a collection of discussions related to individuals experiences with health and healthcare, including interviews with founders, and ongoing interviews with faculty, staff, and alumni of the UF Health Science Center.  This collection was created by Dr. Samuel Proctor, and the collected is owned and maintained by the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program.  Additions to the collection have continued, largely spearheaded by Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig.  They also include a project focused sponsored and conducted by the UF College of Nursing.  There also is a special collection of interviews conducted with individuals who contracted the polio virus as children.  These interviews recount the experiences of illness, rehabilitation, and living with that experience throughout their lives.  In the process they show the impact of illness on individual lives and on the society that their experience caused them to change.

These collections of interviews, and many other digitized materials, can be found at the University of Florida Digital Collections.

Information on the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program:   

Oral History Projects: Health Science Center

There is an online collection of the transcribed interviews online in the University of Florida Digital Collections.

Listing includes Name of interviewee, College/Administrative Unit, (Department) [Interviewer]

Guide to abbreviations: COM= College of Medicine; HSC=Health Science Center; Shands= primary employment in the hospital; PHHP= College of Public Health and Health Professions; COP= College of Pharmacy; VPHA= Office of the Vice President, Health Affairs; JAX= Jacksonville campus; CON= College of Nursing; VA= Malcolm Randall Veterans Affairs Hospital; Penn State COM= Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, where Dr. George Harrell went after UF, becoming the first person to found 2 colleges of medicine;  COD=College of Dentistry; CVM= College of Veterinary Medicine

1. Melvin Fried- COM (Biochemistry) [Samuel Proctor]

2. Henry Hinkley- HSC, Physical Plant [Samuel Proctor]

3. Evelyn Sims- Shands [Samuel Proctor]

4. Arthur Otis- COM (Physiology)- founding chair [Samuel Proctor]

5. Thomas Maren- COM (also see #24) (Pharmacology)- founding chair, involved in creation of Trusopt, glaucoma treatment [Samuel Proctor]

6. Darrel Mase- COPHHP[Samuel Proctor]

7. George Harrell- COM See also #11)- founding dean of COM, part of Med Center Study planning committee [Samuel Proctor]

8. Leo Gramling- COM [Samuel Proctor]

9. Kenneth Finger COP/VPHA [Samuel Proctor]

10. Emanuel Suter- COM (Microbiology)- founding chair of Microbiology [Samuel Proctor]

11 George Harrell- COM- founding dean [Samuel Proctor]

12. Clyde Williams- COM/VA [Samuel Proctor]

13. Ruth Martin- COM- wife of Samuel Martin (below) [Samuel Proctor]

14. Samuel Martin- COM/VPHA (see #16- both interviews combined into one document) (Medicine)- founding chair of medicine, become Provost/Vice President of Health Affairs [Samuel Proctor]

15- Lester Evans- Commonwealth Fund [Samuel Proctor]

16. Samuel Martin- COM/VPHA (see #16- both interviews combined into one document) (Medicine)- founding chair of medicine, become Provost/Vice President of Health Affairs [Samuel Proctor]

17- Michael Wood- JAX [Samuel Proctor]

18- Harry Prystowsky- COM (Ob/Gyn)- founding chair of ob/gyn, became dean of Penn State Hershey College of Medicine [Samuel Proctor]

19. Lamar Crevasse- COM (Medicine) [Samuel Proctor]

20. Richard Smith- COM (Pediatrics)- founding chair of pediatrics, later chair of immunology [Samuel Proctor]

21. Richard Schmidt- COM (Neurology) [Samuel Proctor]

22. Edward Woodward- COM (Surgery)- founding chair of surgery [Samuel Proctor]

23- Hugh Hill- COM (Ob/Gyn)-[Samuel Proctor] 

24- Thomas Maren- COM (Pharmacology)- founding chair, involved in creation of Trusopt, glaucoma treatment [Samuel Proctor]

25- Robert Cade- COM (Medicine)- headed study inventing Gatorade.  [Samuel Proctor]

26. Mel Rubin- COM (Ophthalmology) [Samuel Proctor]

27- David Drylie- COM (Urology) [Samuel Proctor]

28. Lois Malasanos- CON

29. Dorothy Smith- CON (first Dean)

30- Mark Barrow- COM (C/O 1960) [Samuel Proctor]

31- Malcolm Randall- VA [Samuel Proctor]

32- Gerald Berenson- Tulane [Samuel Proctor]

33- Gerold Schiebler- COM (Pediatrics) [Samuel Proctor]

34- Jerome Modell- COM (Anesthesiology) [Samuel Proctor]

35- Allen Neims-COM (Pharmacology) [Samuel Proctor]

36- David Challoner- COM (Medicine)- Vice president [Samuel Proctor]

37- Jape Taylor- COM  (Medicine) [Samuel Proctor]

38- George Singleton- COM (Otolaryngology) [Samuel Proctor]

39- James Green- COM [Samuel Proctor]

40- William Enneking- COM (Orthopedics) [Samuel Proctor]

41- Shirley Graves- COM (Anesthesiology) [Samuel Proctor]

42- William Thomas, Jr- COM (Medicine) [Nina S-R]

43- Waldo Fisher- COM (Medicine) [Nina S-R]

44- Leighton Cluff- COM (Medicine) [Nina S-R]    

45- Francisco Herrero- COM (C/O 1960) [Nina S-R]

46- Hazel Donegan- COM (Medical education) [Nina S-R]

47- Jean Bennett- COM (C/O 1960) [Nina S-R]

48- Alan Block- COM (Medicine) [Samuel Proctor]

49- Dana Shires- COM (C/O 1961)- involved in invention of Gatorade [Julian Pleasants]

50- C. Max Lang- Penn State COM [Nina S-R]

51- James Free- COM (C/O 1960)- involved in creation of Gatorade [Julian Pleasants]

52- Joachim Gravenstein- COM (Anesthesiology)- founding chief of the division, later founding chair of the department [Nina S-R]

53- Lee Dockery- COM (Ob/Gyn) 

54- Melvin Greer- COM (Neurology) [Nina S-R]

55- Michael Schwartz- COP

56. Sidney Cassin- COM (Physiology)

57. Warren Ross- COM (Medical Education) [Nina S-R]

58 Susan Petrina- Penn State COM [Nina S-R]

59 Richard Streiff- COM  (Medicine) [Nina S-R]

60 Louis Russo-JAX COM (Neurology) (incomplete) [Nina S-R]

61. Kenneth Berns- COM (incomplete) [Nina S-R]

62. Ted Srygley- HSC Library [Nina S-R]

63. Carolyn Hall- HSC Library [Nina S-R]

64. Henry Miller- COM (Urology) [Nina S-R]

65. Shirley Bloodworth- Student Health Center [Nina S-R]

66. Lal Garg- COM (Pharmacology) [Nina S-R]

67. Edward Copeland- COM (Surgery)-also videotaped [Nina S-R]

68- Joseph Gennaro- COM (Anatomy) [Nina S-R]

This links to an interview with Ann Smith Numbered as WWII 342

69. Richard Gutekunst- COPHHP – also videotaped [Nina S-R] 

70- Edward Block- COM (Medicine) - also videotaped [Nina S-R] 

71- Albert Rhoton- COM (Neurosurgery)- also videotaped [Nina S-R]  

72- Jerry Kidney- HSC VPHA [Nina S-R]  

73- C. Craig Tisher- COM (Medicine- Nephrology) [Nina S-R]  

74- Robert Nuss COM JAX  [Nina S-R]  

75- Donald Caton- COM (Anesthesiology) [Ann Smith]  

76- Martha Wroe- PHHP (Physical Therapy) [Nina S-R]

77- Douglas Barrett- COM (Pediatrics)- also videotaped [Nina S-R]

78- Richard Bucciarelli- COM (Pediatrics)- also videotaped [Nina S-R]

79- Margaret Shoemyen-    11-26-2012

80- Terence Flotte- COM (Pediatrics)- also videotaped [Nina S-R]  

81- Lodewyck van Mierop- COM (Pediatrics)- also videotaped [Nina S-R]

82- Shelley Fraser Mickle- Polio survivor- link to video [Nina S-R]  

83- Richard Smith- COM (Pediatrics)- videotaped [Nina S-R]

84- Gerold Schiebler- COM (Pediatrics)- videotaped [Nina S-R]

85A- Jennifer Lee-     9-4-2013 

85B- Jennifer Lee-     9-10-2013

86- Genevieve Camp- 9-23-2013

87- Amy Bucciarelli- 9-12-2013

88- Lenore Hervey- 10-8-2013

89- Sheila de la Pena- 10-17-2013

90- Susan Loman- 10-28-2013

91- Heather Spooner-  10-31-2013

92- Arlan Rosenbloom- COM (Pediatrics) [Nina S-R]

93- Marcus Drewa and Mr Gay- Jacksonville, Methodist Hospital [Nina S-R]

94- Richard Howard-    6-12-2014

95- Nikolas Gravenstein- COM (Anesthesiology)

96- Reuben Brigety- COM [Nina S-R]

97A- Kathleen Shiverick- COM (Pharmacology) [Nina S-R]  7-29-2014

97B- Kathleen Shiverick 8-5-2014

98- (Joseph) Adrian Tyndall- COM (Emergency Medicine) [Nina S-R]  

99- Nancy Mendenhall- COM (Radiation Oncology) [Nina S-R]  

100- Donna Parker- COM (Pediatrics) [Nina S-R]  

101- Janet Silverstein- COM (Pediatrics) [Nina S-R]  

102- Kevin E. Berhns- COM (Surgery) [Nina S-R]  

103- Richard Barry Gibbons- 11-15-2017

104-. Michael Good- COM (Anesthesiology) [Nina S-R]  

105- David Guzick- VPHA  [Nina S-R]   

106- Douglas Anderson- COM (Neuroscience) [Nina S-R]  

107- Louis Ritz- COM (Neuroscience) [Nina S-R]  

108- Kenneth Heilman- COM (Neurology) [Nina S-R]  

109- Richard Davidson- COM  (Internal Medicine) [Nina S-R]  

110-. Gary Rexroat- COM (Physician Assistant Program) [Nina S-R]  

111- Paul Gibbs- CVM [Nina S-R]  

112- Venita Sposetti- COD [Nina S-R]   

113- Larry Rooks- COM (Family Medicine) [Nina S-R]  

114-   Ralph Hadley- TZ Cason Grandson [Nina S-R]   

115- Charlotte Maguire- Private practice (Governor’s committee) [Nina S-R]

116- Justine Frye Vaughan--(PM and R, first woman practicing in Gainesville) [Nina S-R] 

117- David Sammons- UF, International Center, received first polio vaccines in the experimental tests [Nina S-R]

118- Margaret Sammons-  Mother had had polio [Nina S-R]

119- Margaret Waid- COM (Pathology) [Nina S-R]  

120- Ira Gessner- COM (Pediatrics) [Nina S-R]

121- Penny Wheat- (Daughter of Myron Wheat, COM (Surgery) ) [Nina S-R]

122- Cynthia Moore Chestnut- Shands Hospital (Shands Eastside Community Relations and Education Coordinator) [Nina S-R]


Oral History Projects: College of Nursing

The University of Florida College of Nursing has conducted its own oral history project, headed by Ann Smith. The collection contains the following interviews to be found in the University of Florida Digital Collections:

1. Carol Christiansen

2. Lois Malasanos

3. Jodi Irving

4. Lois Knowles

5. Betty Hilliard

6. Jennett Wilson

7. Linda Aiden

8. Kathleen Long

9. Pauline Barton

10. Lucille Mercandante

11. Edna Mae Jones

12. Ann Smith

13. Ray Massa

14. Virginia Strozier

15. Virgie Pafford

16. Dorothy Harris

17. Audrey Clark

18. Joan Hartigan


Oral History Projects: Polio Project

The Health Science Center Archives developed and continues to participate in a project preserving stories of people living in Florida who had polio as children. Their stories recount the tale of that experience and of how growing up after surviving polio shaped their lives and the lives of their families and communities.

The project currently is interviewing people who were involved in post polio support groups.  

The interviews are being transcribed through the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program, with funding provided by Edna Black Hindson. (Linked to their interview transcript)

Florida Polio stories available online

Edna Black Hindson- My Story of My Illness with Polio (available as a print on demand book or a free downloadable pdf)

Shelley Fraser Mickle- author, former NPR commentator and polio survivor, Shelley Fraser Mickle's book The Polio Hole describes her personal experience with polio as well as the research and researchers who created the vaccines.

List of individuals interviewed for the North Central Florida Polio Project

1. Rochelle Morris

2. Alice Primack

3. Meg Magnan

4. Cal Allen

5. Tamara Allen

6. Edna Hindson

7. Judy Hudson

8. Dale Lacey

9. TC Miller

10. Carolyn Raville

11. Mitch Shaw

12. Howard Wagar

Other oral history materials on living after polio

Archives containing material on polio

March of Dimes - started by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to raise money for poliomyelitis vaccine research, and for care for children who had polio, the March of Dimes archives contains material from that era.

Smithsonian Institution- Whatever Happened to Polio? originally a physical exhibit, there is now a significant online exhibit as well as an archived physical collection.






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