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Genetics @ HSC: Genetics learning resources

Genetics learning resources

Learn genetics @ University of Utah:  This is a website hosted by University of Utah.  It includes tutorials on basic genetics, genetic disorders, gene therapy, evolution, and genetics of addiction.  Training information are in the form of text, video, and interactive tutorials.  A virtual lab is included to help in the learning of lab techniques such as PCR and DNA extraction. 

DNA from the beginning:  This is an animated tutorial of 75 experiments that helped advanced genetics knowledge.  These include the original Mendel study on inheritance, experiment that discovered RNA as an intermediate between DNA and protein, and hybridization studies examining gene expression in different tissue.

DNA interactive:  This website contains interactive tutorials on topics including

  • The structure, copying, reading, and controlling of the genetic code
  • Gene manipulation technique
  • Application of genetics to solve problems
  • Lesson planner for teachers who teach genetics

NHGRI glossary of genetic terms:  This is a glossary of terminology used in genetics built by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). 

The Punnett Square:  This is an interactive guide to facilitate learning the use of the Punnett Square to determine outcome of genetic crosses.

Important people in genetics research

University of Florida Home Page

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