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Civil War Exhibits: Binding Wounds Pushing Boundaries African Americans in Civil War Medicine

Life and Limb the Toll of the American Civil War & Binding Wounds, Pushing Boundaries : African Americans in Civil War Medicine National Library of Medicine Exhibitions

Civil War Exhibits Speaker Dates

The library is  hosting five speaker events on Civil War medicine, all from 12-1pm in the Communicore Building. Please note the differing room numbers. All of these exhibits and events are free and open to the public – please join us

Dr. Guy Hasegawa, author of Mending Broken Soldiers: The Union and Confederate Programs to Supply Artificial Limbs

When: Thursday, October 26, 2017
Where: Room C1-3
What: Dr. Hasegawa will present on the economics, politics and health impact of the US’s fledgling prosthetics industry.

Dr. Margaret Humphreys, author of Intensely Human: The Health of the Black Soldier in the American Civil War

When: Friday, November 3
Where: Room C1-17

Dr. Mary Ellen Young, UF College of Public Health and Health Professions

Dr. Anthony Delisle, Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida, Gainesville

When: Wednesday, November 15 
Where: Room C1-17

What: Drs. Young and DeLisle will highlight the history of disability rights in the United States.

Dr. William Link, author of Southern Crucible: The Making of an American Region

When: Wednesday, November 29 
Where: Room C1-3
What: Dr. Link will discuss slavery in the context of the Civil War and its implications for African Americans through the Civil Rights Movement.

Civil War Exhibit at UF

Exhibit Dates: November 13th- December 23rd, 2017

Location: Health Science Center Library

African Americans in Civil War Medicine

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