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Collection Building in Artificial Intelligence

This guide provides resources for collection development in AI focusing on the humanities and social sciences and issues such as ethics,, fairness, gender, and underrepresented groups

Selected Books

book cover for Automating Inequality



book cover for Data Feminism
book cover for Invisible Women
book cover for Queer Data
book cover for The Age of AI
book cover for Algorithms of Oppression
book cover for Artificial Intelligence and its Discontents
book cover for Artificial UnIntelligence
book cover for Human Centered AI
book cover for Cloud Ethics
book cover for Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI
book cover for Weapons of Math Destruction

Selected Websites

Selected Organizations

Book Review Sources

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FACRL Conference 2022 Poster

Full-size poster can be viewed here -

poster for FACRL Conference 2022

Full Abstract: 

Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Fairness: A Collection Development Perspective

A new initiative to establish artificial intelligence (AI) research and development at the University of Florida also aims to provide every student with a basic competency in AI regardless of their field of study. Traditionally, AI research has been grounded in STEM fields, especially computer science, robotics, and technology. Our primary challenge is to build a collection supporting the curricular and research needs of our students, faculty, and staff that branches out from STEM and into the humanities and social sciences. A second and equally important goal is to provide resources addressing issues inherent to AI, such as ethics and fairness, algorithmic bias, the gender gap, privacy concerns, and the underrepresentation of diverse groups. This poster will present a toolkit of resources, including a selected reading list of key titles, journals, websites, organizations, and other methods to develop a balanced collection in this emerging area of AI in the humanities and social sciences.

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