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What is Ecofeminism?

What's in a Name? In Defense of Ecofeminism. 2018 article by Chaone Mallory from Ethics and the Environment journal. Explores "ecofeminism" as a politically and theoretically useful term that unites feminism and environmentalism. 

Ecofeminism/Ecological Feminism. Reference entry from Green Ethics and Philosophy: An A-to-Z Guide (Sage, 2011). Defines ecofeminism as an ecological theory that centers patriarchy in the analysis of social and ecological oppression. 

Ecofeminism. Reference entry from Encyclopedia of Global Justice (Springer, 2011). In ecofeminism, the liberation of women is part of the larger struggle to end exploitation of the planet. The three varieties of ecofeminist theory are essentialist ecofeminism, ecological feminism, and feminist political ecology.

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