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Sample Tourist Brochures of Florida: Home

By Marcus Follin

Michael Jackson Collection of Florida Brochures

The Art of Florida Tourist Attractions

This collection was donated by Michael Jackson, an architect from Illinois, out of a larger collection of vacation brochures that he assembled.  As a sample of Florida attraction advertising, it provides a cross-section of brochures from all over the state of Florida, stating primarily from the 1950s to the opening of Disney World in 1972.  Among the 47 brochures are items from well-known attractions, including Weeki Wachi, Cypress Gardens, and Silver Springs.  A much larger array of brochures and souvenir items is available in the Florida Tourism Ephemera Collection (8,000 pieces).    

Tourism brochures reflect the various ideas and fantasies Florida boosters used to attract tourist to the Sunshine State. Themes of exoticism, seclusion and adventure were used to appeal to various vacation desires.   

Tourist Brochures

Warm Mineral Springs c. 1950s.

Tiki Gardens c. mid 1960s.

Cypress Knee Museum c.1955.

Busch Gardens c. 1960s.

Sea Crest Manor c. late 1950s.

Detail from Sea Crest Manor brochure.

Walt Disney World brochure from 1972.

Park map from 1972 Walt Disney World brochure.

Florida Fishing Guide 1967.

For Further Reading

For basic references about Florida tourist art, see Come on Down: Pitching Paradise during the Roaring '20s, Jeff LaHurd, Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation, Inc. (1995) and See the U.S.A., The Art of the American Travel Brochure, by John Margolis and Eric Baker, Chronicle Books, San Francisco (2000).

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