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Alma and Primo issues the Metadata Unit encounter when working in Alma.


Prepared by Tiffany Schoettker, May 2024

Over time, some bibliographic records are merged together at OCLC.  Therefore, there will be a retained (active) OCLC # and a non-retained (old) OCLC #.

-->The non-retained OCLC # is stored in the 019 field of the retained record. 

For instance, a search for #1388664683 will bring up a result that lists #1157230393 in the blue OCLC field (upper left under the search bar). 

--> Look at the 019 field.  You will see the OCLC #1388664683 for which you originally searched.  

This can create issues when searching in Alma and Primo.

Searching and viewing results in Alma:  If you search by the non-retained OCLC#, your search results will show only the retained OCLC # in the "Record number" field.   

  • It's only if you open and view the record will you be able to see the non-retained OCLC #.  

Searching and viewing results in Primo:  If you search by the non-retained OCLC # 388664683, the system will not bring up any results.  You'll receive a message, "No records found".  

  • However, if you search by the retained OCLC # 1156398635, you will receive the correct search result.  


UPDATE 5/14:  Per Cataloging, this might be a Primo setting issue.  We will continue to monitor how quickly this problem occurs with merged OCLC records, and escalate the issue to LTS as needed.  

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