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Informatics Specialist

UF Informatics Learning Opportunities

About me


  • Ph.D. in Evolutionary Computational Biology - University of Florida, Gainesville
  • M. Tech. in Computational and Systems Biology - Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  • B. Tech. in Biotechnology - Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra


I'm the Informatics specialist at Academic Research Consulting and Services (ARCS) department at Health Science Center Library (HSCL) and I offer consultation services (e.g., programming, statistical analysis, data science, analysis and visualization etc.)

Data Science support

As the Informatics and Data Science specialist, I can,

  • Provide consultations by meeting in person, by phone or over e-mail on any of your informatics needs, including but not limited to research computing, data analysis, visualization, programming languages learning resources and tools required.
  • Provide assistance with the correct statistical and data mining methods to use for research.
  • Collaborate on research publications and grants.
  • Give guest lectures, present at departmental meetings or journal clubs.
  • Create interactive tutorials for course integrated instructions for use by on- and off-campus students, staff, and faculty
  • Develop and teach library orientations or information-related classes based on your needs.

Check out the ARCS page for additional services. Feel free to email with any questions.

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