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OCLC to UF Digital Collections: Workflow Overview

For any questions regarding this guide or workflow, please contact Andrea Stich.

Metadata Overview


The Metadata Unit in Resource Description Services looks to provide accurate and discoverable metadata for all of our users. In order to accomplish this, we aim to connect our most utilized platforms: University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC), Ex Libris Alma (Alma), and the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). Providing our metadata across all three of these platforms improves the discoverability of our UFDC items.

Researchers and scholars at UF are welcome to contribute research materials to the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC) or build digital collections hosted by UFDC. For more about preparing item information for UFDC, please check the guide dedicated to this topic at, and for digitization projects, please check the details at Digital Support Services’ Project Planning page.

Workflow Chart

The diagram below is a general overview of our metadata workflow for adding bibliographic records from OCLC to UFDC and Alma.

To briefly summarize, we begin in OCLC to retrieve the correct record; then, we export the record from OCLC to both UFDC and Alma.

Goal and Outcome: Accurate and accessible metadata to both front-end and back-end users in OCLC (WorldCat), Alma (Primo), and UFDC.



Available documentation is located in the Workflow Documentation page.

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