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Voting Guide

A Voting Guide for the UF Community

This guide was designed to provide voting information and to promote civic engagement.
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 The Four Steps to Voting

1 Register to Vote

UF has partnered with TurboVote, a website that allows you to register to vote.
Directions are available in English and en Español.

Already registered? Check your Florida voter registration status. 

2 Create a Voting Plan

Create your plan by answering the following:

  • How are you going to vote? Vote-by-mail / early vote / vote in person on Election Day.
    • You can request a mail-in ballot through TurboVote.
  • Where are you going to vote? Find your polling place.
  • What type of identification do you need? A Florida Driver License or another type of ID
  • Who and what are you voting for? Check out step 3. 

3 Explore the Ballot

Every referendum and candidate are explained on the BallotReady website. 
You can also use the library databases to explore issues.

4 Vote

Mail in your ballot, vote early, or vote on election day. Make your voice heard (and get that sticker). 

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