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Voting Guide


Every referendum and candidate are explained on the Ballot Ready website. You can also find personalized voting information from Vote 411. 

Who and what are you voting for?

 Library Databases

When you're off campus, you will need to use the UF VPN software to access databases.

The following library databases are an easy to navigate way to explore current issues:


UF provides a free subscription to The New York Times.

To activate your subscription:

  1. Go to and navigate to “Main Menu”
  2. Click "Quick Links” 
  3. Click “NY Times” 
  4. Click “Subscribe now"

UF also provides a free subscription to The Wall Street Journal and The Economist. Many newspapers can be found by searching our Primo discovery tool. 

The Alachua County Public Libraries also provides access to newspapers, for those not affiliated with UF. 

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